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  • MoneySense: For the second consecutive year, MoneySense ranked Moncton as the best place in Canada to buy real estate. More...
  • Statistics Canada: Moncton was the fifth fastest-growing city in Canada as per the 2011 Census.
  • ICF Smart21: Moncton has been named as one of the world's Smart21 Cities in 2010 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).  Moncton already made the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year in 2009. More...
  • Demographia: Moncton has been recognized by Demographia and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy as one of the most affordable housing market in Canada in it's Fifth Annual Demographia Housing Affordability Survey of 2009.  Award
  • KPMG: In 2014, ranked Moncton as the most cost competitive city in Canada and for the second consecutive time.
  • Canadian Business Magazine: Ranked Moncton “The Best Place to do Business in Canada” in 2004. Since then, Moncton has remained on Canadian Business magazine’s Top-10 list for five consecutive year, ranking fifth in 2008.
  • FDI magazine: Named Moncton the fifth most business friendly city in their “North American Cities of the future” 2007 issue.
  • Readers Digest Magazine: Recently named Moncton as the most polite and honest city in Canada.
  • MoneySense Magazine: In 2010, ranked Moncton the fifth best place to live in Canada.
  • 50+ Magazine: identified Moncton as one of the best places in Canada in which to retire.
  • Government of Canada: Heritage Canada awarded Moncton with the “Prix Montfort” in recognition of Moncton’s leadership in recognizing equality between both linguistic groups.
  • Economic Development Association of Canada (EDAC): Awarded the City of Moncton with its Canada Marketing Award in 2008 for the new Corporate Brand.
  • Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC): In 2008, ITAC awarded Moncton as the “Canadian IT Hero” for its innovative use of technology.
  • Canadian Business Journal: Featured Moncton in its November 2011 issue highlighting the city as a place that "gets things done." More...

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