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Downtown Transportation Dispersal Plan

In 2015, the City of Moncton began construction on a new downtown event centre (“Centre”) and in response to the anticipated transportation demand the City initiated the development of a Transportation Dispersal Plan (TDP). The approach for the TDP is to focus on maximizing the use of sustainable modes and existing surface lots to accommodate event attendees, to inspire Monctonians to embrace travel behaviour change and to support the mobility needs of the new Centre. 

Moncton is also in the midst of a downtown revitalization program that is compatible with and will further build on a dispersed parking model for the Centre. Downtown Moncton and surrounding businesses will benefit as the TDP will encourage people to pass a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, nightclubs, and other social gathering places on their way to or from events taking place at the Centre. The increased activity that the Centre will attract is expected to bring economic benefits to the private sector in Moncton. The private sector’s contribution to a strong “event day experience” could also support the broader goals of this Plan, to reduce the peak hour travel that may occur, by attracting spectators to restaurants, hotels and other businesses before and after events.

Plan Highlights

FACT #1: There are over 8,675 parking (combined public/private) spaces in Downtown #Moncton. Of this number, approximately 4,000 will likely be made available to the public during evening events at the Events Centre. Discussions with private lot owners are ongoing, and details on available parking for event-goers will be shared in 2018. 


TDP Map - Carte PTR

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