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Downtown Development

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One of the City of Moncton’s economic development priorities is to be a leader in the development of a vibrant downtown. The strategy includes attracting more people to live downtown, attract more commercial activity to the downtown and build more entertainment opportunities.

For more information, please refer to the Downtown Moncton Development Vision or contact the Economic Development Office or Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc.



Downtown Evaluation Report

Final Report



Downtown Events Centre


Financial Incentive Program for Downtown Community Improvement Plan Area & Designated Heritage Properties

The Financial Incentive programs grants will focus on assisting with the revitalization of vacant and under-utilized properties and buildings within a designated Downtown Community Improvement Plan area.  The Financial Incentive Programs will also be available to assist with Heritage Preservation for heritage properties designated under the City’s Heritage By-law.

The Financial Incentive Program grants consist of a Redevelopment Grant Program and a Building Permit and Planning Fee Equivalent Grant Program.  It is anticipated that these grants will act as a catalyst for increased development activities in the surrounding downtown, which will in turn attract further businesses, residents and employment.