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Mobile Vending Program

In 2016, Moncton City Council approved a permanent mobile vending program for the City. Through this program, the City hopes to create added vibrancy downtown, by providing opportunities for mobile vending in select locations. 

The mobile vending program will be in effect from May to October.

Mobile Vending  Map 2016 JPG



Please note:
Vendors are no longer tied to a specific location, and are free to move among the designated spots as long as they can be reasonably accommodated. Truck locations include the Moncton Coliseum by Worthington Avenue, designated parking spots on Downing Street, the cul-de-sac by Treitz House, the Riverfront Parking lot by the Press Club, Cameron Street by Victoria Park, and Mapleton Park by Gorge Road. Vendors of non-prepared foods (ie. Retail) can use a spot along St. George Blvd near the Laundromat. Cart locations are available along Assomption Blvd, on the corner of Main and Mechanic Streets, and Oak Lane on Wednesdays and Fridays. The selection committee will collaborate with applicants to find fair outcomes with respect to the allocation of sites.

Information Kit and Application Form
Terms and Conditions
Exceptions due to Special Events
Vending Site Map



The City of Moncton welcomes the feedback of residents and visitors on the mobile vending program: