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Feedback on the Downtown Mobile Vending Pilot Project

During the summer of 2015, the City of Moncton continued its mobile vending pilot project. This initiative began in July 2014 and concluded this October. The City is now seeking input to assist in determining to move forward with a permanent program. Please submit your response by Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Questions? info@moncton.ca

Thank you for your valued comments!

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1. Do you work and/or live in downtown?
2. Were you aware that mobile vendors were operating on select days in Moncton's downtown?
3. If yes, how did you know about the vendors?
4. Did you make a purchase from the participating mobile vendors?
5. Was the location chosen by the vendor acceptable to you?
6. Did you feel that the hours of operation proposed in the pilot project were acceptable? (Please note that program hours offered in 2015 were Monday-Friday, dawn until dusk.)
7. What other types of vendors would you prefer to see participate in the program?
8. Do you feel that the pilot program enhanced downtown: (check all that apply)