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Moving to Moncton

It doesn’t matter if you are coming from Brantford, Ontario, Boston, Massachusetts or Bangalore, India, the City of Moncton is an excellent choice to live and work. Whether you are a young professional looking for a good job in a dynamic city or are looking for a family-friendly community, Moncton is a great choice. One of Canada’s top magazines, Chatelaine, recently named Moncton as one of the best places to live and work in Canada. In addition, Readers Digest magazine recently named Moncton as the most polite city in all of Canada.

In the Moncton region, you will find two world-class hospitals, three universities, multiple parks for walking/biking and many four-season entertainment opportunities. Moncton is home to both the largest indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities in Atlantic Canada.

On top of these benefits, Moncton residents take advantage of one of the lowest cost of living environments in the country and commute to work times are among the shortest in Canada. Just 20 minutes down the road on New Brunswick’s Northumberland coast, you will find the warmest beaches north of Virginia.

A short commute. A low cost of living. Opportunities for work and play. A friendly, dynamic city. Take a good look at Moncton. You will see why thousands of people have moved here over the past decade.

Considering moving to Moncton but are looking for a job? Visit the Career Beacon and NBJobs websites to check out current job opportunities in the Moncton region.


The City of Moncton is an attractive location for immigrants looking at Canada as a place to move their families. In recent years, hundreds of new immigrants from Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America have moved here and are contributing to a dynamic cultural environment here. The New Brunswick government is also focusing its efforts to attract more immigrants and has set ambitious targets for the next five years.

Moncton is an ideal choice for immigrants because of its existing immigration support assets, its excellent quality of life, low crime rates, health care system and economic opportunities. If you are looking to study in Canada, check out Greater Moncton’s universities and colleges (see the links below). There are many exciting educational opportunities for you to pursue in the Greater Moncton region.

If you are considering Canada, take a good look at Moncton.

For more information

655 Main Street
Moncton, N.B. E1C 1E8
Tel: 506-389-5937
Email: immigration@moncton.ca
Immigration into Greater Moncton: A Backgrounder: www.immigrationmoncton.ca
Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy: www.immigrationmoncton.ca
Twitter: @MonctonMyHome

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Looking for educational opportunities in Greater Moncton?

Université de Moncton 
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