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Bilingualism in Moncton committee - final report

On April 4, 2016, Moncton City Council received the final report from the Bilingualism in Moncton committee, which defines the meaning of "true equality" and provides an action plan to further enhance the bilingual experience in our community. News release


1991 – Moncton City Council adopts its first policy on delivering bilingual services
2000 – Revision of the policy
2002 – City Council unanimously adopts the Declaration of Official Bilingualism on August 6.
2003 – Revision of the policy to reflect the Official status
2008 – Mayor George LeBlanc creates an ad hoc committee to conduct a policy review.
2009 - The updated policy is adopted by Council in August.
2010 - City Council creates an ad-hoc committee focused on Commercial Bilingual Signage (action plan adopted in 2012).
2012 - Moncton celebrates 10 years of official bilingualism!
2013 - Mayor George LeBlanc creates an ad-hoc committee focused on defining the meaning of equality with regards to bilingualism at the municipal level, and making recommendations to City Council regarding practical measures that could be undertaken to advance the City of Moncton as a truly bilingual city.


Definition of bilingualism

  • The ability to speak two languages 
  • A policy promoting this among a population


We value citizens' feedback on the delivery of municipal services in both official languages. More info...




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Bilingual Commercial Signage

The City of Moncton is committed to assisting, promoting, encouraging and facilitating increased bilingual commercial signage in our city. *Updated June 2012


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