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Bilingual Commercial Signage

Bilingual Signage/Affichage bilingue  

In September 2010, Council did not adopt a by-law, but rather is committed to assisting, promoting, encouraging and facilitating increased bilingual commercial signage in our city. After an extensive research and consultative process, led by a committee, City Council adopted an Action Plan in June 2012.

“Council wanted to encourage and foster the increased use of bilingual signage in our community, and we’re pleased that the committee has come up with a clear plan, with clear timelines and goals, to ensure progress,” said Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc. “Our city is celebrating this year its 10th anniversary as the only officially bilingual city in Canada, and this milestone highlights the importance of our linguistic duality to our growth.”

The Action Plan focuses on five key steps:Image _HoursHeures
    1. Engaging touchpoints (i.e. key City departments and partner organizations);
    2. Developing incentives (ex. providing in-kind translation services and distributing common in-window signage);
    3. Creating an information kit (ex. establish a list of related resources);
    4. Expanding the City’s website (Bilingual Services section at moncton.ca);
    5. Engaging businesses (beginning in the Fall of 2012).

The Action Plan has defined three phases to the initiative, which will continue through to 2018. In Phase 1, the main focus will be on the Downtown BIA (Business Improvement Area).  Baseline data has been analyzed for this zone, and progress will be reevaluated in 2017. Phase 2 will concentrate on the Trinity Drive retail sector (boundaries to be defined) commencing in 2013, while a promotional campaign for the city overall will be launched as Phase 3 in 2014.

Business owners seeking more information on this project may call 853-3593 or send us an email


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