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Bilingual Commercial Signage Committee


In September 2010, Council did not adopt a by-law, but rather is committed to assisting, promoting, encouraging and facilitating increased bilingual commercial signage in our city. As such, as committee was formed to explore all options and recommend actions to bring about this change in Moncton's linguistic landscape.

Committee members and responsibilities

Frédéric Arsenault, resident
Larry Nelson, resident
Denis Melanson, Enterprise Greater Moncton
Anne Poirier Basque, Downtown Moncton Centre-ville inc.
Paulette Thériault, councillor
Nancy Whipp, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce

Staff support:

Marc Comeau, Corporate Analyst
Catherine Dallaire, General Manager, Corporate Services
Nicole Melanson, Communications Officer - Bilingual Services Specialist
Paul Thomson, Director of Communications

The Committee’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Champion increased bilingual commercial signage in Moncton.
2. Create a detailed action plan, with measurable objectives and outcomes.
3. Develop a communications plan to support the objectives of increasing bilingual commercial signage.
4. Foster increased dialogue with the business community on the importance and benefits to adopting bilingual signage.
5. Oversee the implementation of the action plan.
6. Report annually to City Council.



Visual SurveyVisual Survey

In order to benchmark its linguistic landscape, the City of Moncton undertook a “visual survey” in August 2011.  Phase 1 of this project focused on the Downtown.

These photos serves only to determine baseline information and key statistics, and will remain confidential, for the internal use of the City of Moncton and the Bilingual Commercial Signage Committee.