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Moncton Bilingualism Committee

The "Bilingualism in Moncton" Committee's role is to define the meaning of equality with regards to bilingualism at the municipal level and make recommendations to City Council regarding practical measures that could be undertaken to advance the City of Moncton as a truly bilingual city.


Final Report

The Bilingualism in Moncton committee presented its final report to City Council on April 4, 2016. News release


The Committee members were appointed in spring 2013.

Committee members and responsibilities

Christian Michaud (co-chair and resident)

Paulette Thériault (co-chair and councillor)

Dawn Arnold (Mayor)

Kelsey Bingham (resident)

Aldéa Landry (resident)

Blair Lawrence (councillor)

Charles Léger (councillor)

Valérie Roy (resident)

The Committee is supported by various employees:

Marc Comeau (Corporate Analyst, Strategic Initiatives)

Catherine Dallaire (General Manager, Corporate Services)

Isabelle LeBlanc (Director, Communications)

Nicole Melanson (Manager, Communications and Bilingual Services)


Preliminary Report - August 19, 2013

The Moncton Bilingualism Committee drafted a preliminary report, which includes a summary of the group's meetings, their Guiding Principle, Next Steps and Recommendations to City Council.


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