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City Brand


The stylized graphic of the City of Moncton’s logo is comprised of three wave shapes, each a different colour. The blue is representative of the river, connection to tidal forces, sky, and maritime breezes. The green represents the grass of our tidal marshlands, the City’s parks and common areas, as well as our commitment to the environment. The red represents the earth, the passion we have for our community, and our unique cultural heritage.

The shape of each wave underlines the importance of the river in the City’s development. The three waves also merge together to create a stylized star, which forms a powerful representation of both our Acadian heritage and the positive attitude of Monctonians. Together the graphic as a whole creates a feeling of forward movement and momentum.

Our new identity is a mix of elegance and simplicity, projecting a dynamic, event-like feeling that creates a positive impression for, and about, our community.

A Graphic Standards Manual has been developed to ensure proper use of the new brand at all times. Any questions regarding the logo and tagline may be directed to Corporate Communications at 506-853-3593.