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Codiac Transit Explains Concert Shuttle Service Fares

Offering a good shuttle service that makes sense to both concertgoers and taxpayers’ remains the objective

While Codiac Transit has increased the cost of its concert shuttle service for this Saturday’s Bon Jovi concert, setting the price from year to year for this service involves many variables. 

“Trying to estimate how many people will use our concert shuttle service, and what it will take for Codiac Transit to break even is difficult,” says John Allain, General Manager of Codiac Transit.  “When we set the price, it’s based solely on the actual cost at breakeven.” 

“It’s not a money making venture for us,” Mr. Allain adds.  “We want to make sure that the people who use public transit to get to and from the concert are looked after.  However, we are accountable to Moncton taxpayers and we need to ensure that the price we set for these special events reflects our true costs.”

Codiac Transit also must maintain and operate its regular Saturday service, in addition to providing the shuttle service to the concert.  Codiac Transit must rent additional buses in order to handle the increased capacity. 

“The cost of renting buses has increased by 43 per cent from 2008 to 2009,” Mr. Allain adds.  “This increase adds significantly to our costs in terms of running a shuttle service.”

Concert Shuttle Service for AC/DC

With regards to the AC/DC concert, there will be a concert shuttle service operating for this event. Codiac Transit will be assisting with the planning and operation of the shuttle service that will be provided by a private company.  While Codiac Transit will not be operating the AC/DC concert shuttle service, it will be deploying its full fleet following the concert to make the return home from the concert site that much easier.  Once Codiac’s regular operations finish after 10 p.m., it will be able to dedicate its buses to the ride home from the concert site.    

“Because the AC/DC concert is on a weeknight, it presents some real issues in terms of us providing the concert shuttle service,” Mr. Allain notes.  “All 40 of our buses are needed for our regular service.  During the week, extra buses are simply not available to provide the concert shuttle service. Other transit systems are fully committed as we are.  We will be deploying our buses for the ride home following the concert, after our regular operations end around 10 p.m.”

“Codiac Transit does its utmost to support Moncton’s concerts and events,” says Mr. Allain.  “We understand how important they are to the city’s growth and prosperity and we will continue to do all we can to ensure their success.”

Below is a chart that highlights the cost per pass, passenger trips and the buses required to operate the concert transit shuttle service over the last five years. 





BUSES (number required)


Rolling Stones





Brooks Dunn/Jackson















Bon Jovi


8,000 (estimated)