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Update from City of Moncton on the former Moncton High School building

MARCH 2017


During the January 16, 2017 Regular Public Council meeting, Moncton City Council adopted the following motion: 

That Moncton City Council support, in principle, (the Terra Trust / Bird Construction Group) project as another option for re-purposing the former MHS and provide a letter to Terra Trust Inc. and Bird Construction Group Inc. for the Provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and that staff continue to work as part of the Joint City - Province of New Brunswick Evaluation Committee to analyze the proposals received by the Province.

As of March 24, two proposals have received support, in principle, from the City of Moncton: MH Renaissance and Terra Trust / Bird Construction Group.

Moncton City Council is expected to receive the independent analysis of the implications to moving the library during a Regular Public Council Meeting in April.

Moncton City Council continues to encourage the Province of New Brunswick, as the owner of the building, to include the City of Moncton in the joint evaluation process




There has been much discussion surrounding the future of the former Moncton High School (MHS) building. 

As 2016 comes to an end, here is an update on this file from the City of Moncton’s perspective: 

Current Status of the building

  • The Province of New Brunswick (PNB) owns the building as well as the land; the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) is responsible for maintaining both.
  • There have been two previous attempts at developing the property through a Request for Proposal (RFP). Both were unsuccessful.
  • The building remains empty; however the Province is maintaining both heat and electricity to prevent deterioration.
  • The City of Moncton’s Fire Prevention Division regularly inspects the building under the vacant and abandoned building procedure.

How is the Province of New Brunswick involved? 

  • The property continues to be listed publicly (http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/dti/surplus/westmorland_county_surplus.html) as surplus to the Province of New Brunswick. 
  • Provincial officials continue to receive requests for information from interested parties; they regularly show the property and remain open to receiving redevelopment proposals.
  • The Province of New Brunswick continues to direct potential developers to contact the City to discuss the municipal plan and by-law implications, as well as heritage property details.
  • The Province recognizes that this is an important local asset and interested developers will need to obtain the proper municipal zoning, heritage and building inspection approvals prior to commencing any type of work on the building and property. 

Why is the City of Moncton involved in the former Moncton High School?

  • City officials and the community wish to preserve the iconic building as best as possible.
  • The former Moncton High School is a municipally designated Heritage Property.
  • The City has jurisdiction over the zoning process and any future development proposal will need future municipal building permit(s).
  • One of the public proposals on the table has identified the City of Moncton as a partner. In light of this, the proposed business plan is being analyzed. This proposal also calls for the Moncton Public Library to be relocated as part of the project; as a result, the City is now in the process of evaluating the feasibility costs of moving the library into the redeveloped building and the implication of such a move (e.g. architectural design, cost-estimates, property tax implications, impact on the downtown core).
  • There are also other proponents with redevelopment projects for review by both the City and Province.

A joint City and Provincial Working Group is established

  • On April 5, 2016, city staff was asked (by City Council) to assess all submitted project concepts, via a joint municipal-provincial working group, and make a recommendation to City Council.  As a complex project, both parties are evaluating all viable business plans with the same lens and criteria. Furthermore, City Council has determined that the former Moncton High School property is a priority in its 2016-2020 Action Plan. It calls for the City to work with the Province and the community to repurpose the former Moncton High School (p. 18). 

What’s next?

  • The joint Province/City working group will continue to review and analyze all viable business plans submitted to the Province of New Brunswick.
  • An independent analysis of the implications to moving the library is underway. 
  • Council will receive a staff report on these findings by the end of February 2017. 

Note: this page will be updated as new information or developments become available.