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Engineering & Environmental Services

The Engineering and Environmental Services Department provides the citizens of the City of Moncton with a wide variety of public services including: planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure for water supply and distribution, sanitary sewage collection, transportation services, storm water drainage, solid waste collection and facilities management.

This Department is also responsible for a variety of support services, such as: the maintenance of City  buildings  and structures, corporate vehicle fleet management and maintenance  service, coordination of subdivision development and construction, the provision of engineering, environmental, surveying and technical services and management of all City owned off street parking facilities, parking meters including enforcement of parking bylaws.

Engineering and Environmental Services’ mission is to provide the citizens of Moncton with a wide variety of public services including planning, design, construction, maintenance, and environmental management.


Standard Municipal Specifications

The City now offers its municipal specifications, along with a guide of revisions, free of charge. Please note: this document is subject to change, and it is the user's responsibility to obtain the most recent version. Hard copies are available through the Engineering and Environmental Services department. For more info, call 853-3525.


Electronic copy of 2013 Standard Municipal Specifications 

Design Criteria Manual


Engineering and Environmental Services is divided into five areas of responsibility:

Design and Construction
Public Works and Utilities
Facilities Division
Environmental Planning and Management
Water Supply

Design and Construction

This division is responsible for the following:

 Professional Engineering Consulting Services
• Capital Construction Project Design, Construction and Management
• Engineering Survey and Construction Inspection Services
• Technical Services
• Infrastructure Records Management
• Subdivision Development
• Parking Management

Records are maintained for all City infrastructure and Public Works installations. Staff process applications for water and sewer connections, curb cuts and culvert installation, and maintain the city-wide street naming and civic addressing system. Visit Licences and Permits for more information.

List of proposed/recommended names for Moncton streets

Subdivision Development

Responsible for all aspects of subdivision development, including subdivision planning, review of tentative, construction and drainage plans, preparation of development agreements, monitoring and inspecting construction, and approving final plans and registrations. 

Subdivision Guidelines

The City now offers its subdivision standards, procedures, and guidlines on-line, free of charge. Please note: this document is subject to change, and it is the user's responsibility to obtain the most recent version. Hard copies are available through the Engineering and Environmental Services department. For more info, call 853-3525.

Download: Electronic copy of Subdivision Guidelines (PDF)Subdivision Guideline Changes 

Design Criteria Manual 

Parking Management

Responsible for all activities relating to roads and transportation, including traffic management (from truck routes to road closures) and parking services.


For more information, please visit Roads & Transportation.

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Public Works and Utilities

The Public Works division is located at the City’s Operation Centre, on Worthington Avenue.  This division delivers essential services and maintains assets within the City’s right of way. Public safety and the environment are core values of this division. Main areas of service include:

• Street Maintenance
• Roadway Signage & Pavement Markings
• Sanitation – Solid Waste Collection
• Electrical – (Street Lighting and Traffic Signals)
• Water & Sewer Maintenance
• Water Supply
• Fleet Management


Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s water and wastewater collection systems.  This includes, but is not limited to, water and sewer transmission and distribution mains, water and sewer service laterals, hydrants, sewer main flushing, automated water meters, and sewer lift stations. This division is also a strong advocate for water conservation by educating residents on ways to reduce the amount of water they use. To find out more, please visit Water & Sewer.

Facilities Division

This division is mainly responsible for:

• Planning, Design, Construction of City facilities
• Management, Operations and Maintenance of City facilities
• Project management of civic facility construction projects

Environmental Planning and Management

This division provides expertise to the Environmental Committee and to other city departments, and is responsible for reviewing federal and provincial environmental regulations, managing environmental issues on City projects. Services also include:

• Environmental Project Planning, Monitoring and Management
• Environmental Programs and Initiatives Development, Delivery and Reporting
• Incorporation and Implementation of Environmental Protection Measures Into Construction Contracts
• Sustainable Watershed Forest Management Planning
• Ensure Compliance with Provincial, Federal and Municipal Legislation

To find out more about the City’s environmental initiatives, visit our Environment section at www.moncton.ca/enviro.

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Water Supply

This division manages the watershed and reservoir, water treatment, water transmission, pumping and storage, and water conservation efforts.

This division is also responsible for water quality monitoring and testing, which is done on a continuous basis at several locations throughout the system. Weekly sampling and analysis is carried out to verify that our water constantly exceeds the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

To find out more, please visit Water & Sewer.

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Parking Services
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