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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department plays a leadership role on matters and programs pertaining to the management of employees, establishes strategies to resolve complex personnel issues, provides advice on personnel management to managers and supervisors, and promotes a work climate sensitive to the needs of municipal employees and the corporation.

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The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting candidates for all job openings in the City of Moncton. Human Resources oversees the entire selection process, from the recruitment campaigns to the analysis of job applications, from interviews to the final choice of candidate.

Labour Relations and Contract Negotiations:

Human Resources has a program in place to help its employees deal with complex personnel issues. They promote a climate of fair working conditions between the employee and the employer. They have also developed employment standards for the City of Moncton.

Salaries and Wage Scale

Employee Relations:

The department promotes good quality of life and workplace climate protocols (dress codes, no vulgarity, etc.), they assist in resolving personal/interpersonal problems which impede productivity, they provide new employees with orientation sessions, and they develop activities and programs to foster an environment which brings employees together for recognition and social interaction.

Employee Benefits:

Human Resources is responsible for the design, funding and ongoing development of compensation programs, the Employee Family Assistance Program, and various group insurance programs including the policy administration of Group Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Health, Dental and Long Term Disability Insurance programs.

Human Resources Development:

Human Resources is responsible for the continual improvement of the City of Moncton’s workforce. Consequently, this department keeps abreast of training and development programs for managers, supervisors, and employees, develops custom-designed training programs to respond to specific needs in various departments, and provides assistance to municipal departments with job evaluation programs.

Occupational Health and Safety:

Human Resources ensures municipal work environments are safe and healthy. This department works to eliminate the risk of accidents in municipal workplaces, educates employees about these risks, and facilitates audits to ensure compliance with regulations. The department is also responsible for handling insurance claims administration and serving as a liaison between the City of Moncton and the Worker’s Compensation Board.



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