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Moncton Fire Department

Photo of a Fireman 

The Moncton Fire Department was formed in 1875. Today, the City of Moncton has five fire stations, each specifically located to allow firefighters to arrive at the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible.

The stations are located at:

        132 McLaughlin Drive (Opened in 1961)

        800 St. George Boulevard (Opened in 1962)

        299 Botsford Street (Opened in 2009) 

        72 Brandon Street (Opened in 1961)

        99 Hildegard Drive (Opened in 1998)

Greater Moncton Fire Zones Map

The strategic locations of the fire stations allow Moncton firefighters to cover 80 per cent of the Greater Moncton Area in four minutes or less, 80 per cent of the time.

In addition to providing an invaluable service to the residents and the city, the department also provides safety and awareness campaigns on fire prevention for the public.

Teamwork, integrity, respect for others, and respect for the environment are the fundamental values and guiding principles of the City of Moncton’s Fire Department. The department consists of 120 members, including the fire chief, deputy chiefs, assistant deputy chiefs, captains, lieutenants, firefighters, division chiefs, training officers, fire prevention officers, and administration, as well as 40 volunteer firefighters who are on call 24 hours a day. The department houses a minimum of 21 firefighters per shift, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


It is with pride we serve to protect the life and property of our citizens, and to protect our community’s environment, which is driven by the progress of our city.


Through our core values we are committed to our city and our citizens by always promoting safe practices and technology for a healthier community and environment.

Core Values

The City of Moncton’s Fire Department’s core values of caring, trust, transparency, communication, commitment, and integrity, will create a better fire department, and promote a better quality of life to our citizens, and our members. These core values should be dedicated and never compromised.

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Contact Us

Fire Department (City of Moncton)
Tel: 506-857-8800
Fax: 506-389-5904

Emergencies: call 9-1-1


Moncton Combat Challenge Team

is a group of Moncton firefighters that go beyond the call of duty. No competitor is required to part take in the firefighter combat challenge. These individuals that have come and gone over the years have surpassed all physical requirements in the firefighter world to demonstrate their pure love and passion of a sport that mimics firefighting actions on the fire ground. More...