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The City of Moncton’s Fire Department is responsible for the following main areas of service:


Personnel with the Fire Department are trained to react to a variety of emergency situations. The staff must prioritize calls and requests for assistance in order to react to them in an efficient manner. When a fire or an accident happens, the Fire Department ensures that adequate personnel and the necessary equipment are dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible.

The majority of calls consist of medical emergencies. Because the City of Moncton has five fire stations spread out across the city, firefighters are often the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. Therefore, they undergo a mandatory 48-hour first responder training course, which includes eight hours of defibrillator training, used in the event of cardiac arrest. This allows the firefighters to provide first aid until the ambulance arrives.

Moncton citizens receive the best care possible thanks to the cooperative team relationship that exists between the different emergency services.

Fire Prevention

One of the main focuses of the Moncton Fire Department is fire and accident prevention. To help create awareness, the Fire Prevention Officers organize fire safety campaigns to inform citizens of precautions to take to minimize the risk of fire.

  • During the Smoke Detector Campaign firefighters visit homes in Moncton and ask residents if they have a smoke detector. If they do, the firefighters will ask if the resident wants them to inspect the smoke detector. If no one answers the door, an educational pamphlet will be left in the mailbox. If you have any questions about fire prevention, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 506-857-8800.
  • Fire Prevention Week takes place beginning on October 9 each year. A number of activities are organized to increase public awareness of fire prevention including a visit to local schools by area firefighters who give presentations to children on the dangers of fire and the importance of fire prevention.
  • The Keep Your Wreath Green campaign, initiated in 2000, runs in December of each year to address fire prevention and awareness during the holiday season.

Inspection of New Constructions

The Fire Prevention Staff in conjunction with the City Building Inspectors are responsible for reviewing construction plans to assure that they conform to the rules set out by the Fire Prevention Act. The Department watches over public buildings and assures that they have an emergency evacuation plan in the event of a fire.

Ongoing Training

The efficiency and quick response time of the Fire Department can save lives. To facilitate this, firefighters undergo rigorous training and the fire stations and firefighting equipment are kept in excellent condition at all times.