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Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives department plays an important role in providing proactive research into issues aimed at improving the effectiveness and overall efficiency of the corporation.

The staff of this department provide consultative services on a variety of City topics and ensure consistency in the management procedures and policies of the corporation. They also carry out research, analysis, and revisions on various reports, studies, and policies, and sit on several committees in order to give strategic advice to City Council, the city manager, and the Strategic Management Group.

Services offered

The Strategic Initiatives department provides the following services for the City of Moncton:

Corporate Consulting

The department offers consulting and facilitating services, support, and guidance to City staff members for a variety of projects, procedures, and management practices. These include research and creation of corporate positions through special studies, briefs, and position papers on issues that impact on the corporation generally.

Strategic Planning

Staff of the Strategic Initiatives department coordinated the creation of Moncton's Strategic Plan – Vision 2020. Staff are responsible for tracking the implementation of the action initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Participation in Various Committees

The department provides guidance, service, and support to committees of Council such as the Finance, Policies and Priorities Committee and the Operations Committee.

Ad Hoc Committees

The department serves as a link between the City of Moncton and its citizens in coordinating the activities of ad hoc committees. They also assist in compiling the final reports for these and other ad hoc committees.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

The City strives to achieve Service Excellence in the delivery of 85 Public and Internal services. The department seeks improvements to those services by conducting detailed evaluations (Service Reviews) where municipal services are systematically reviewed to determine the most appropriate way of providing  them. To this end, the department conducts reviews to improve services, meet new or increased demands from customers for services, maintain existing service levels in the face of competing priorities or decreasing revenues, to reduce costs and improve revenues.


The Strategic Initiatives department is responsible for researching, drafting and revising internal and external policies for the City of Moncton.  




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