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Municipal Plan

The Municipal Plan is one of the most important legal documents that the City of Moncton uses to guide the physical development of the city.

In New Brunswick, Municipal Plans are prepared, adopted and are used in accordance with the Community Planning Act. The Act outlines the required content for Municipal Plans, which is focused on developing policy to guide:

• the development and use of land;
• conservation and improvements to the physical environment;
• pollution control and abatement;
• land for public purposes;
• communication, utility and transportation systems; and
• municipal services and facilities.

Through Municipal Plans, policy is also developed to help coordinate and provide guidance on City Council programs related to the social, economic and physical development of the city, and any other matters of importance to the City.

Municipal Plans may include “proposals” which are more specific actions that City Council has determined are advisable in order to implement a given policy. In accordance with the Act, Municipal Plans include a 5-year capital works budget for the physical development of the municipality.
In addition to thinking about local needs, Municipal Plans must be consistent with current Provincial policy statements and any regional plans in effect to ensure that local planning efforts are consistent with Provincial and regional planning interests.

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