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A subdivision is dividing a property into one or more parcels of land or lots, and may imply the creation of public or future streets and private access. When subdividing your property, a subdivision plan must be prepared by a professional land surveyor.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Prior to contacting a land surveyor, you should meet with the Urban Planning Department’s Development Officer. He or she will advise you as to any possible problems with your project, offer alternative solutions, and inform you on expected procedures.
  2. You many now contact a New Brunswick Land Surveyor who will prepare a tentative subdivision plan to be submitted to the Planning Department’s Office for verification and approval.
  3. The Development Officer will review your plan and submit copies to all government agencies involved (eg., Departments of Health, Transportation, Municipal Departments, N.B. Power, N.B. Tel, etc.);
  4. A Tentative Plan involving the creation of new public / future streets and/or Land for public Purposes will require a recommendation from the Planning Advisory Committee and approval of Municipal Council.
  5. The final subdivision plan is prepared and the construction of any streets as well as the installation of any required services must be completed and or secured before it is submitted to the Development Officer for his or her final stamp of approval.
  6. Your final plan may now be registered at the County Registry Office and a transfer for the sale of each lot can be completed by a lawyer.