The Zoning By-law (or Regulation) is a means to:

  • carry out policies and objectives stated within a Municipal Development Plan or Rural Plan;
  • protect the public interest from potential land use conflicts;
  • provide a legal framework for the future development within the community; and
  • help manage change.


AZoning By-Law (or Regulation) is an official document enacted by a community to regulate the use of land.  In effect, it divides the community into zones, provides detailed information on the category of land uses, buildings and structures permitted in each zone, and prescribes minimum standards for lot area, setbacks, access, parking requirements, landscaping provisions, etc.

How do I find out the zoning of my property?
To avoid misinterpretation the Planning Department cannot discuss zoning over the phone or by e-mail. If you would like to know what zone your property is located in, there are two options.

  • Verify the zoning in person.
     You can come to the Planning Department offices between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and consult the zoning map for your municipality free of charge.
  • Request a zoning certificate.
    Lending institutions, government agencies or prospective tenants or buyers of a property may require written confirmation of the zoning before issuing loans or permits, purchasing or signing leases. A zoning certificate is a written confirmation of the zoning on your property. To obtain a zoning certificate, we need the following:
    a) A letter from you, formally requesting a zoning certificate for the property;
    b) The PID (Property Identifier) of the property. This is a six- or eight-digit number, and appears on your property tax bill;
    c) The civic address (i.e. street address) of the property, if it has one;
    d) Your name, phone number and full mailing address;
    e) The fee for the certificate.
    You may pick up the certificate in person at our office, or we can mail it to you. We cannot send zoning confirmation by fax or by e-mail.
    We try to process zoning certificates within a few days; however, during busy periods (especially the summer building season) they can take longer. The earlier you make your request, the better!

Can the Zoning By-Law (or Regulation) be changed?
If you propose to use or to develop your property in a way that does not comply with the Zoning By-law, but is consistent with the intention of the Municipal Development Plan for your community, you may submit an application to have the By-law amended.  It is very important to discuss your proposal with planning staff prior to submitting a rezoning application in order to obtain preliminary advice and information on how to proceed with the application.  Please allow three to five months for this process.

Public Involvement
If you have any concerns regarding a proposed Zoning By-law or zoning amendment, you can actively take part in the decision making process.  To begin with, you should inquire about what is proposed.  Planning Department staff is available to discuss any concerns and answer any questions you may have.  You may also submit written objections or concerns to the municipal clerk of the Authority*.  You may attend the advertised public hearing to voice any concerns you might have.  As a result of your comments and concerns, the Authority* may make changes or modifications before the By-law is adopted.

Steps to Follow
See Guide for Rezoning Applications