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City of Moncton Seeking Applications for Art Gallery Tours

June 27, 2013

MONCTON – The City of Moncton is seeking applications from interested art galleries to participate in the 2013 Art Gallery Tours.

This event, which takes place on September 28, 2013, gives everyone a chance to immerse themselves into the local artistic community, free of charge, during this annual self-guided, animated and interactive tour.

“We encourage all artistic galleries to register for the tour as it gives visitors an insider’s look at the creative process,” says Roxanne Richard, Cultural Development Officer with the City of Moncton. “This tour helps highlight the existing visual artistic community in Moncton.”

Both commercial and non-commercial galleries are eligible to participate. Galleries chosen to participate must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Admission must be free of charge for the tour.
  • Studios and workshops are eligible to participate on the following conditions:
    • They must be located in a public area.
    • They must be clean, safe and well organized.
    • They must have art on display during the tour.
  • Studios, galleries or workshops in private homes are not eligible.
  • Artists who don’t have a studio in a public area or building may pair up with other galleries for the day, and expose their works there. Any artist is welcome at Moncton City Hall (lobby), and most galleries that have the space are willing to welcome other artists for the day.
  • Restaurants and other public locations that have a permanent artist in residence are eligible on the following conditions:
    • They must meet the criteria listed above.
    • They must only be open for the tour. Restaurants that are open at the time of the tour are not eligible, so as to avoid disturbing clients of the restaurant and to prevent tour-goers from feeling like they are intruding on clients’ privacy.
  • All participating locations must be open for the entire duration of the tour, and must have someone on site to welcome the public as part of the Galleries Tour.
  • Galleries are responsible of their own programming; however, the City will promote it.

Deadline to register is July 23, 2013. For galleries interested in participating on the tour, you can register by filling out the registration form at moncton.ca.

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Media Contact:

Roxanne Richard
Cultural Development Officer
City of Moncton

André Cormier
Communications Officer
City of Moncton