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City of Moncton Seeks Submissions for Street and Trail Names

September 30, 2014

MONCTON – Moncton City Council has recently adopted an updated Street and Trail Naming Policy, as well as a refreshed Name Bank, and is seeking the help of the community at large for new ideas. The City is looking for submissions to be included in the Name Bank which speaks to our heritage and the overall character of our city. Submissions can be made online at Moncton.ca, before October 31, 2014.

Nominations will be reviewed by a technical committee to ensure standards have been met. Approved names will be added to the existing Name Bank and eventually used for new streets or trails in Moncton.

“The Name Bank currently features approximately 200 names and we would like to have more names representing our own unique culture and diversity,” says Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc. “Moncton streets and trails should be named in honour of people, places and things reflecting our past, present and future!”

The Policy’s purpose is to: ensure public safety; ensure the names selected reflect the nature and heritage of our community; ensure that most new street and trail names be selected from the Name Bank ; and ensure that the names selected reflect the linguistic nature of our community.

To nominate a name, please follow these steps:

Begin by reviewing the current Name Bank to see existing names and the general themes we are looking for. Special attention will be placed on the linguistic nature of the names; we want names representing all languages and cultures in our city.

Proposed name must fall under at least one of the following categories to be considered:

  • A name to honour a noteworthy person associated with the history of the City of Moncton or who made a significant contribution to the City of Moncton.
  • A name to honour Monctonians that served in the Canadian military.
  • A name (person, place or thing) that has cultural and/or historical significance to Moncton, New Brunswick or Canada.
  • A name that recognizes the wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features of Moncton and New Brunswick.
  • A name which celebrates and/or is unique to a particular location or part of the city.

Note: Names of living persons shall only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Ensure that the proposed name is:

  • unique (note that we cannot chose a name that already exists in Dieppe or Riverview);
  • not commercial in nature;
  • not derogatory or offensive in nature;
  • does not exceed 20 characters (including prefix/suffix and spaces in between letters) Example: Rue_Highfield_St = 16 characters; Boul_Highfield_Blvd = 19 characters;
  • spelled with all applicable accents, and;
  • no names shall be similar sounding to existing street or trail names.

Finally, once you have selected a name (or several) that respects all the criteria, please complete the online submission form at Moncton.ca to submit your ideas.

Have your say and submit a name today!

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Media Contact:

Kelly Jones
Corporate Communications
City of Moncton