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Clarification regarding garbage collection enforcement measures

October 8, 2013

MONCTON – The City of Moncton would like to rectify information that has been reported in regards to measures the City will enforce to encourage residents to comply with waste removal procedures. 

Please note that the City of Moncton will not impose fines to residents who do not comply with proper waste sorting, but rather charge a $100 alternate service collection fee to remove non-compliant waste.

When a household places non-compliant waste curbside, their waste will be left behind with an orange non-compliant sticker, at which point, for health and safety reasons, residents are required to remove their waste from the curb, sort it properly, and place it again the following week. If the non-compliant waste remains at the curbside 24 hours after being labeled, the City will provide a special collection. To cover the cost of this non-compliant collection, the City will bill property owners a $100 alternate collection service fee.

This collection service fee can be avoided if the refuse is removed from the curb, properly sorted and bagged.
If you require further information about the Mandatory Waste Separation Program, refer to RecycleSENB at 877-1040 or www.recyclesenb.com  or the City of Moncton at 859-2643 or www.moncton.ca

The City of Moncton appreciates your cooperation and also thanks its residents for respecting the waste collection procedures.



Mélanie Cécyre
Communications Officer
City of Moncton