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Codiac Transpo launches U-Pass pilot project

January 31, 2014

MONCTON – Codiac Transpo will offer unlimited free transit service for the month of February, in an effort to promote the proposed Universal Pass (U-Pass) program to post-secondary students of the area’s four largest establishments: CCNB-Dieppe, Crandall University, NBCC-Moncton and Université de Moncton.

Under the proposed program, students enrolled at these institutions would pay an annual fare of $100, for a 12-month unlimited access to Codiac Transpo service.

Explains Marie-Claire Pierce, Senior Transit Planner for Codiac Transpo: “This drastically reduced price, collected as part of their tuition or student fees, can only be achieved by the mandatory participation of all enrolled students in any one given institution – a ‘buying-in-bulk’ concept, if you will. This type of program is quite common in North America; nearby examples include the majority of universities and colleges in Halifax, as well as St. Thomas University in Fredericton.”

“For the students, the value of such a service can really only be determined if they have a solid opportunity to try it out and compare the potentially huge savings in their budgets. Currently, the annual cost of purchasing Codiac Transpo’s reduced-rate student monthly punch-pass totals $564, while running their own vehicle can add up to over $10,000, once you consider monthly payments, insurance, gas and parking.

Another comparison is that at $100/year, the U-Pass is worth $1.92/week, while a cup of coffee a day adds up to $11.90/week. With the recent overhaul of routes that is more in keeping with national best practices, the U-Pass program could be of great value to our local students,” said Ms. Pierce.

Codiac Transpo began discussions with representatives of each of these four institutions over the past several months. This one-month free trial is being offered so their students have an opportunity to see how the system works, prior to any votes needed by student bodies, or to an administration signing on.

Details regarding the proposed U-Pass program can be found online at www.codiactranspo.ca. Customers can also call 857-2008 for more information.