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Codiac Transpo launches safety programs

September 8, 2015

MONCTON – With safety as a top priority for its customers and its employees, Codiac Transpo is launching four programs as part of the “Safety, Service, Courtesy” campaign, with the goal in mind to enhance overall community security.

Request Stop Program
The Request Stop Program is intended to make travelling on buses at night safer for all customers.  Passengers travelling alone, after dusk in the summer or after 6 p.m. in the winter, can ask a driver to let them off between stops via the front doors.  Drivers will accommodate requests at locations where they deem safe for the bus to stop. Customers should simply make their request in advance, giving the driver sufficient time to anticipate the stop. “This program has been implemented in other communities with much success. In cases where customers might feel apprehensive about walking some distance alone to their destination after dark, Codiac Transpo hopes to provide them with some reassurance of safety,” notes Alex Grncarovski, Director of Operations for Codiac Transpo.

Safety Partner Program
The Safety Partner Program has been developed to enhance customer and employee safety on Codiac Transpo buses. By using various communication methods, drivers can play a key role in providing emergency assistance or initiating a response for:

• Persons in need of assistance
• Safety hazards
• Threatening or criminal behaviour

Transit Community Watch Program
Codiac Transpo is launching the Transit Community Watch Program, which encourages Codiac Transpo employees to report problems or concerns they observe (or are made aware of by customers) in the community, whether these problems occur on or off Codiac Transpo property. “Each year, we will be recognizing those employees who contribute to the safety of our three communities,” says Angela Allain, General Manager for Codiac Transpo.

Travel Orientation Program
The travel orientation program aims to provide the knowledge and practical skills needed to travel on Codiac Transpo’s public transit, as well as increase participants’ use of conventional public transit, assist those interested in gaining travel independence, and provide participants with an effective and safe alternative to more “traditional” options, such as the automobile, door-to-door mobility service, or depending on friends and family. 


Marie-Claire Pierce
Senior Transit Planner, Codiac Transpo
506-853-3557 / marie-claire.pierce@moncton.ca