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Codiac Transpo’s Northwest Centre Transfer Hub is Moving

October 25, 2013

Transfers will happen on Plaza Blvd.

MONCTON - Codiac Transpo will be moving its current Northwest transfer hub location as of Saturday, November 2. The new hub will be located nearby on Plaza Blvd.

Following months of negotiations with the owner of the property, Plaza Group, and its newest tenant, Target, it was decided that transit buses could no longer use the property as a major transfer hub.

“The decision to move was not made overnight, we could not come to a timely agreement despite working on options with the owners. We have been using the Northwest Centre for over 32 years and were very pleased with the location, as were our customers”, stated Angela Allain, General Manager of Codiac Transpo.  We needed to find another location to service our customers who have been inconvenienced long enough.”

Since the summer, Codiac Transpo riders have not had access to shelters at the Northwest Centre because of construction.

The new transfer hub will be located on city-owned land  on Plaza Blvd. Codiac Transpo is currently working with the Engineering Department to take over a portion of the outside lane, near the curb, on the north side to enable buses to line up near the Walmart on Plaza Blvd. The existing layby will be filled with asphalt, and 2 shelters will be installed to accommodate the high number of customers.

City of Moncton transportation coordinator, Stéphane Thibodeau has indicated that traffic on Plaza Blvd. will be affected by the new hub. “Plaza Blvd. has been designed to accommodate very high volumes of traffic, and there will be a slight impact on regular traffic given we are dedicating part of the outside lane for the hub. We appreciate the motoring public’s understanding on this change.”

This will result in minor changes to current route maps and descriptions. All other existing transit stops along Mountain Road will remain intact, and new stops will be added as needed.

“This solution is viewed as temporary to get us through the winter. Our focus and concern at the moment is to provide a designated transfer area for our customers. They have been inconvenienced for several months and it’s time for us to provide them with a dedicated area and proper shelters,” stated Allain.

With the new transportation master plan set to be released in 2014, Codiac Transpo officials are hopeful that a permanent and affordable solution for this area will be developed.

In preparation for the November 2 effective date, City of Moncton crews are already busy marking new lanes and adding signage.  Codiac Transpo will be advertising this change and updating mapping on their website and on Trax.

Bus routes that will now connect at the new Plaza Blvd. transfer hub include:

50 Red Line, 51 Green Line, 62 Hildegard, 65 Killam, 70 Frampton, 71 Coliseum

 Point de correspondance boul. Plaza Blvd. Transfer Hub

 For information, call 857-2008 or visit codiactranspo.ca.

Codiac Transpo regrets any inconvenience this may cause.


NOTICE TO MEDIA:  A high-resolution version of the map can be supplied upon request, for printing and distribution purposes. Please submit your request to info@moncton.ca. Thank you!


Isabelle LeBlanc
Communications, City of Moncton
506-853-3593 / isabelle.leblanc@moncton.ca

Marie-Claire Pierce
Senior Transit Planner, Codiac Transpo
506-853-3557 / marie-claire.pierce@moncton.ca