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Commercial building permits lead the way during prime building season

November 28, 2016

MONCTON, NB – In its core construction season, the four­-month period ending October 31, 2016 saw a total of $48.9 million in building permits taken out in the City of Moncton. In addition to surpassing last year’s $43.5 million over the same time period, the distribution saw a significant boost in commercial permits at $34.2 million (up 69%), while residential and institutional permits came in at $11.7 million (down 21%) and $1.7 million (down 73%), respectively.

Some of the larger projects that are driving the commercial numbers feature several developments in the Downtown area. These include: $2.2 million for a new GoodLife gym near Vaughan Harvey Boulevard; site servicing near the Vaughan Harvey Blvd. Sobeys, valued at $530,000; $1.8 million for a new Zio’s restaurant on Mountain Road at Church Street; $2.7 million for the new Dolma Foods on St. George Street; and $315,000 for improvements at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre. 

Outside of the downtown core, the City saw a $3.5 million addition for Organigram; $1.45 million for an industrial addition on English Drive; $4.5 million for a new FERO Waste building in the Moncton Industrial Park; and $850,000 for a new retail development on Morton Avenue.

Institutional permits were driven by renovations with $297,000 at the Sunny Brae Baptist Church and $408,000 for the Catholic cathedral on St. George Street. Another $488,000 came in from a new sleep clinic being constructed at the Dr. Georges­-L.­-Dumont University Hospital Centre. 

Year-­to-­date numbers are at $212 million, which includes $91.5 million in permits for the Downtown Centre; compared with $118 million for the same period in 2015. In spite of the two years being very similar net of the Downtown Centre, it is worth noting that institutional permits are less than half of last year’s total, coming in at $17 million year-­to-­date.

 “We have been very pleased with the level of investment that has been coming from the private sector,” said Kevin Silliker, Director of Economic Development. “A strong and growing business community will continue to invigorate our Downtown and spur exciting new developments.”


Kevin Silliker, Director
Economic Development, City of Moncton
506-­853-­3532 / kevin.silliker@moncton.ca 

Richard Dunn
Economic Development Officer, City of Moncton
506-­853-­3599 / richard.dunn@moncton.ca