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Downing Street opens to traffic

September 1, 2016

MONCTON – The City of Moncton is pleased to announce the opening Downing Street, as of 6 p.m. on Friday, September 2. This new space, the legacy project of our community’s 125th anniversary (celebrated in 2015),  features a new concept in barrier-free street design, including coloured pavers that distinguish the street from the sidewalk that give the appearance of an area to be shared by all users. The space will also serve as an event plaza for future public events. 

Downing Street is a one-way street between Assomption Blvd and Sommet Lane, and a two

carte rue Downing Street map-way street between Main Street and Sommet Lane. The one-way street is in the northbound direction (from Assomption Blvd towards Main Street) and is only accessible when driving westbound on Assomption Blvd (towards Riverview). 

The two-way portion of Downing Street allows access to a private parking for the Colli

ers International building, as well as access to Sommet Lane, which is a private, one-lane and one-way street. 

Twelve on-street parking spaces are available for the public in the northbound lane; parking meters will be installed in the coming weeks. 

In addition, a new sidewalk has been installed on the east side of the street (on the Blue Cross Center side) and runs from Main Street to Assomption Blvd. Pedestrians can access Riverfront Park at the Assomption Blvd crosswalk. This new sidewalk creates a new link between our Downtown and our riverfront. 

The sidewalks on Downing Street are made of grey-toned concrete pavers while the travelled lanes and on-street parking are made of red-toned concrete pavers. Both pedestrians and drivers should be aware of this distinction and use caution when travelling on Downing Street as the look and “feel” of the street is much different than a conventional street.


Nicole O. Melanson, Manager
Communications, City of Moncton
506-383-6214 / nicole.melanson@moncton.ca 

photo rue Downing Street