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Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership hosts Minister McCallum

July 5, 2016LIP logo


MONCTON, NB – The Honourable John McCallum, minister for the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, was on hand at Moncton City Hall today to meet with members of the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), and help unveil the LIP’s new logo.

“I’m very pleased to be here to congratulate Moncton on the good work of their recently created local immigration partnership,” said Minister McCallum. “The work you do to support the immigrants and refugees that arrive in the region provides real benefits to everyone in the community. Your partnership provides an opportunity to bring people together to make Moncton a place where newcomers can be welcomed and succeed now and in the years to come.”

“In recent months, both the federal and provincial governments have shown their commitment with solid actions that demonstrate the importance of creating welcoming communities for newcomers,” said Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold. “The tri-community has grown significantly over the past decade with the arrival of immigrants who support and enhance our local economy, as well as diversify our cultural experience. The work of the newly-formed Local Immigration Partnership, supported by the Government of Canada, positions our region well to align our values and actions with those of other levels of government. The City of Moncton is fully committed to this initiative.” 

The logo
The iconic maple leaf — joined in three parts as a representation of our tri-community — is the symbol of our partnership with our federal body; spearheading towards the common goal. The shared waters of the Tidal Bore within our three communities further strengthen our bond together in welcoming our newcomers through this collaborative initiative.

The Greater Moncton LIP action plans
Since its inception in January 2016, the Greater Moncton LIP has created four working groups in order to focus priorities and achieve its goals.

The Entrepreneurship LIP working group has established four key priorities: communications, business support for PNP entrepreneurs, attraction and support of entrepreneurs from the francophone community, and international students. Some of the action items include: exploring increased partnership with Destination Canada, increasing awareness of networking events being held in the community, and improving business settlement services to newly arrived immigrants. 

Labour Market
The Labour Market LIP working group has established four key priorities: communications, international students as a conduit for immigration, aligning recruiting efforts with demand for labour, ensuring alignment and coordination of immigrant settlement and retention services, and investigating funding opportunities for mentorship program. Some of the action items include: increase the engagement of the business community, expanding the ‘Get Connected’ program, and eliminating gaps to increase the number of newcomers accessing services offered. 

Francophone Immigration
The Francophone Immigration LIP working group has established five key priorities: communications, developing a research program on Francophone immigration in Moncton, diversifying the Francophone immigrant recruitment pool, promoting official language courses, and participation from committees and promotion of cultural activities. Some of the action items include: creating an overview of existing language classes, and develop synergies between stakeholders. 

Welcoming Communities
The Welcoming Communities LIP working group has established three key priorities: expanding public awareness, fostering more immigrant-friendly education, public and personal services, and creating a ‘living library’ at the Moncton Public Library. Some of the action items include: implementing a focused awareness campaign in the Greater Moncton area by sharing success stories, and offering Cultural Competency training to a wider group of interested parties. 

The working groups meet once to twice a month, in addition to the bi-monthly session for the overall Greater Moncton LIP.

-30-LIP logo unveiling with Minister McCallum

From left to right:  Maha Imazitene, Julien Robichaud, Angelique Reddy-Kalala, The Honourable John McCallum, Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold, Justin Ryan, Lisa Griffin N’dour, Christophe Traisnel and Debbie McInnes.

Summary of the Greater Moncton LIP (as published in January 2016)
Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are a new form of multi-level governance designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve their integration outcomes as through enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation. The long-term vision for LIPs is to support the development of multi-sectoral partnerships at the local community level in order to integrate newcomer needs into the community planning process, identify community-specific strategic priorities and implement a settlement strategy and action plans to improve newcomer outcomes. 

The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership is led by the City of Moncton and consists of a council of immigration stakeholders, immigrants, business community, and municipal government partners. The LIP will help implement the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy and will provide a better framework to understand the needs of newcomers, the gaps in service delivery and the process by which collaboration can lead to much better outcomes for newcomers. 

The LIP members include: Dr. Etienne Bandyayera (Horizon Health Network), Abdellatif Baoud (Atlantic Human Services), Yvette Bourque (Réseau en Immigration Francophone), Lamb Bui, Caroline Gingles (Anglophone East School District), Lisa Griffin N’dour (Université de Moncton), Maha Imazitene (CAFI), Venky Kulkarni (Medavie Blue Cross), Denis Laplante (City of Dieppe), Sandra Leonard (Viva Moncton), Debbie McInnes (United Way of Southeastern NB), Josephine Nhongo-Simbanegavi, Carol O’Reilly (Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce), Angelique Reddy-Kalala (City of Moncton), Julien Robichaud (3+ Corporation BIMP), Justin Ryan (acting-MAGMA), Kevin Silliker (City of Moncton), Shane Thomson (Town of Riverview), Christophe Traisnel (Université de Moncton and Pathways to Prosperity), Nadja Uriyo (City of Moncton), and Ahmed Zniber (District scolaire Francophone Sud).

The LIP initiative began operations in Ontario in 2008 as part of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Community Connections program. The program expanded to other provinces in 2012 and is expected to continue to grow. Currently there are more than 60 LIP’s across Canada, including five in Atlantic Canada.



Angelique Reddy-Kalala
Immigration Strategy Officer
City of Moncton
506-389-5937 / Angelique.reddy-kalala@Moncton.ca 

Isabelle LeBlanc
Director, Communications
City of Moncton
506-853-3592 / Isabelle.leblanc@moncton.ca