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Heavy Rain Preparations

May 24, 2013

MONCTON – With heavy rain set to fall throughout the weekend, the City of Moncton would like to inform residents that crews will be on stand-by to deal with any situations that may arise.
The City does not expect any major issues but is being proactive so that the impacts of any issues as a result of localized flooding are minimal. We encourage citizens to call our 24/7dispatch line at 859-2643, to report any signs of flooding or other hazards so that crews can be sent out to remedy the situation.

Residents are encouraged to clear storm drains near their property if they are capable, in order to reduce the risk of street flooding.

The City would like to remind motorists that during heavy rainfall they should be cautious and slow down while driving because of the potential to hydroplane. Motorists should also give themselves extra time to arrive to their destination, as unexpected street flooding might force traffic detours.

The City of Moncton also strongly encourages residents to prepare an emergency kit that can sustain their family for 72 hours. It is always a good idea to ensure a proper supply of water, food and fuel in the event of a power failure. Citizens can find information on emergency preparedness and emergency kits, and on how to deal with various situations, including flooding and hurricanes at moncton.ca

The City also encourages people to check their house insurance policy, so they are well aware of what their policy covers and does not cover, and can make informed decisions about their house insurance needs. 


Media Contact:

Mélanie Cécyre
Communications Officer
City of Moncton