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June year-to-date construction values exceeds $126 million

July 26, 2013
MONCTON – The 2013 year has been steady with a mix of new construction and various renovations to existing buildings.
The City of Moncton has issued 20 Commercial and Industrial permits totalling nearly 4.2 million for the month of June compared with the 15 permits that were issued last year totalling 2.2 million.
“I am pleased with the 2013 growth and development in Moncton,” said Mayor George LeBlanc. “We welcome the addition and renovations at the Northwest Center to accommodate future retail stores including Target, Marshalls and Reitmans.”
The Building Inspection Department has seen an increase of over 1.8 million in Institutional and Government permit value over last year.  By the end of June 2013, over 2.1 million in permits have been issued compared with 310,000 last year.
June is proving to be another busy month in the ‘other’ category of construction which includes several types of permits, such as signs, swimming pools, fences, sheds, garages, etc.  To date this year, we have issued 52 permits with a value of over $400,000 vs. 42 permits last year.
Residential construction continues to be steady with 40 new construction and renovation permits being approved in June.  This brings our year to date total to 177 permits which creates 205 new residential units with a dollar value exceeding 22 million.
“The total number of permits for June 2013 is 116, which is identical to June 2012,” said Sherry Sparks, City of Moncton’s Director of Building Inspection.  “The significant change this year is the year-to-date total construction value which exceeds $126 million and is the 2nd highest in ten years.  Several large construction projects including the new Moncton High and Sainte  Bernadette Schools, along with a Kent Distribution Center, a Kent Building Supplies building and the renovations to an office complex located on Main Street have contributed to this increase in total construction value.”
It is important to note that the requirements for enclosures for swimming pools are very specific and not every fence can be considered a swimming pool enclosure.  It is necessary for the department to be vigilant in enforcing proper construction of swimming pool enclosures as it is a safety issue.  To find more information on swimming pool enclosures, refer to the City of Moncton Zoning By-Law Z-202 and in particular section 2.21. 
In January of 2013, the City of Moncton took over the responsibility for building, development and planning services for the Town of Riverview.  Any residents, contractors or land developers wishing to accessing theses services can do so by going to Building Inspection Department located at 655 Main Street, 2nd floor.  You may also contact this department by phone at 856-4375 or by email at info.inspection@moncton.ca for any inquiries.
It is important to note that any structure being added to a site; including, accessory buildings, fences, decks, etc., require building and development permits, as stated in the Building By-Law Z-410 and Zoning By-Law Z- 202.  This allows the City of Moncton to ensure the structures comply with the National Building Code of Canada and the location meets the zoning requirements for the City of Moncton.
June 2013 highlights:

  • Construction of a new roof  system on existing building (Canadian Tire located at 1106 Mountain Road) valued at $546,000.
  • Construction of interior and exterior renovations to various stores at Northwest Centre valued at $1,770,000.
  • Construction of an office complex located on Main Street valued at $540,000.


Sherry Sparks
Director, Building Inspection
City of Moncton
(506) 853-3429
Kevin Silliker
Director, External Business Development
City of Moncton
(506) 853-3532