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Magnetic Hill Zoo announces passing of female cougar

February 22, 2013
MONCTON – The City of Moncton’s Magnetic Hill Zoo staff is deeply saddened to announce that Squeak, a female cougar, passed away suddenly on Thursday, February 21. She was 15 years old.
On the morning of Thursday, February 21, Squeak was discovered on the ground motionless in her exhibit by her keeper. She was sent to the University of Prince Edward Island veterinary college for necropsy where it was discovered she had died of acute peritonitis, an infection that affects the kidneys amongst felines and is usually fatal.
“After speaking with the head keeper, who had worked with Squeak the previous day, everything seemed normal and she demonstrated no unusual behavior that would suggest that she was ill,” said Bruce Dougan, General Manager of the Magnetic Hill Zoo. “During her last feeding on Wednesday, she ran up to retrieve her meat and ate normally. This situation is a bit of a shock for us.”
Squeak came to the Magnetic Hill Zoo on December 15, 1998 and had lived at the zoo ever since. In captivity, cougars can live up to their late teens or early 20’s. Squeak leaves behind her exhibit mate, Lee, who is in good health.


Media Contacts:
Bruce Dougan
General Manager
Magnetic Hill Zoo
André Cormier
Communications Officer
City of Moncton