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Moncton installs EV charging station behind City Hall

January 31, 2014

Moncton – The City of Moncton, in partnership with NB Power, has recently installed an electric vehicle (EV) networked charging station in the parking lot behind City Hall.

The project is part of an initiative called Shift Your Ride which is designed to test and evaluate electric vehicles and charging technology across the province, while facilitating the growth of the market through education.
“Electric vehicles are still relatively new in our region. We want to support and encourage those who choose to purchase such a vehicle by providing them with a charging unit to facilitate their use,” stated Élaine Aucoin, director of Environmental Planning.
Over the next year, use of the charging station and parking for the space dedicated to the station will be free for those driving an electric vehicle. To sign-up, arrangements can be made through the parking lot’s commissionaires or by visiting nbpower.com
“The parking lot behind City Hall is an ideal location to install this infrastructure, because it gives us the opportunity to monitor its use and promote the service to our residents and visitors,” added Aucoin.
“We are very pleased that the City of Moncton is taking this leadership position by evaluating and promoting electric vehicles in Moncton,” said NB Power President and CEO, Gaëtan Thomas. “More electric vehicles on the road will help to build understanding about the benefits of electric vehicles and their important part of a renewable energy, Smart Grid future for this province”
Networked chargers provide information to NB Power on how many kilowatt hours people are charging their vehicles and in the future will allow EVs to be charged by optimizing renewable energy like wind power on the grid.  In addition, people in need of a charging station can view www.plugshare.com, a map of charging stations in Canada and the United States, which will locate the nearest charging station and show whether or not the charging station is currently in use. 
The City has also recently purchased its first electric vehicle, set to arrive early in February. It will be used for municipal purposes, such as parking enforcement and other functions.  “We want to continue to identify best practices and be a leader in terms of promoting initiatives that are environmentally friendly,” says Aucoin.

The City of Moncton strives to be a leader in adopting environmentally sustainable practices.  Other environment friendly initiatives include the City vehicle anti-idling policy, the Active Transportation initiative and Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).


Depending on market growth and public awareness, New Brunswick could see up to 6,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2020. To help facilitate that growth, NB Power is partnering with two Canadian leaders in electric vehicle information to promote better understanding of electric vehicles, charging technology and the benefits they could provide to New Brunswick. 

Plug'n Drive is the nationally recognized advocate for electric vehicle understanding, providing information to help Canadians make the best decisions for their individual needs. CAA is a recognized leader, providing 5.8 million Canadian drivers with driver education and support, and recently launched a web portal on electric vehicles aimed at making the idea of electric vehicle ownership accessible to all Canadians. 

NB Power’s goal is to provide a modern utility service aligned with our customers evolving lifestyle requirements. Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming part of Canada’s everyday transportation equation, so we want to establish a smart electric vehicle network in New Brunswick. If we have smart EV chargers in homes and in public spaces that are networked and communicating, together with our customers, we can regulate the charge speed and duration to maximize our power generation assets, and effectively integrate our renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro.


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