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Moncton recognizes National Emergency Preparedness Week

May 9, 2017

MONCTON – In the event of an emergency, is your family prepared? Do you have a plan, a 72-hour kit, and access to reliable sources of information? The City of Moncton and its partners are well-informed and equipped to deal with various types of situations, but emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility.

“It may sound cliché, but when disaster strikes, we all have a role to play to ensure everyone’s safety,” emphasized Eric Arsenault, Moncton’s Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services. “Clearly, all levels of government have certain responsibilities in terms of public safety, yet households and businesses must also be resilient, particularly during weather-related incidents. By working together, helping our neighbours and heeding the advice of authorities, communities become stronger.” 


The municipal and provincial governments must maintain and repair critical infrastructure, and do so in a timely fashion as conditions allow. In some cases, support will be extended to citizens, such as warming centres. 

Citizens are expected to ‘ride out the storm’. As such, households need to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours, and to follow the directives issued by emergency responders, especially with regards to immediate (though temporary) evacuations. Those who refuse to respect the advice of the experts are risking that help will be unavailable if the situation worsens. In addition, property owners should ensure to have adequate insurance policies, and a ‘rainy day fund’ to handle unexpected expenses.

Residents should also seek out updates and information from reliable sources, such as the City of Moncton or the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO). Be wary of rumours!


People living or working in Moncton should register in the Moncton Alerts program, a notification system that allows the City to send out critical information and instructions to residents and people working in Moncton during a major emergency. 

“This online service allows anyone with a valid address within Moncton to sign up to receive notices, in their preferred language and method of communication,” explained Eric Arsenault. “This powerful system also has a mapping feature that allows us to focus on certain areas during a crisis, for example during a severe weather incident or industrial accident. So registering under key addresses, such as your home, your children’s school/daycare or your workplace, will provide you with valuable information from a reliable source. However, notifications will only be sent to those registered, so it’s really important to sign-up.”

Who can register?
Anyone with a valid address in Moncton (for example, work or home) can sign-up. As such, businesses located in Moncton can encourage their employees to sign-up; no limits have been set on the number of people registered to a particular civic address. Therefore, each member of a household, with distinct email addresses and/or cell phone numbers, can also register. 

Steps to register
Registering to receive Moncton Alerts is quite simple and only take 2-3 minutes. The personal contact information provided will be used to reach out only in serious situations, and will be kept confidential by a third-party secure database management system. Residents can choose one or several preferred methods of communication, for example if someone prefers receiving a voicemail at home, or a text message on their personal cell phone. Going forward, parameters will be set so that the software checks in with those registered approximately once a year to ensure the continued accuracy of the database.


City of Moncton: moncton.ca 
Facebook: facebook.com/cityofmoncton.villedemoncton  
Twitter: @cityofmoncton

NB Emergency Measures Organization: gnb.ca/emo 
Facebook: facebook.com/NBEMO.OMUNB 

Department of Public Safety (Government of Canada): getprepared.gc.ca  
Twitter: @GetPrepared 
What does a 72-hr kit include? getprepared.gc.ca/cnt/kts/bsc-kt-en.aspx 

Canadian Red Cross: redcross.ca 
Facebook: facebook.com/canadianredcross 

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Eric Arsenault
Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Measures
City of Moncton
506-853-3402 / eric.arsenault@moncton.ca 

Nicole O. Melanson
Manager, Communications and Bilingual Services
City of Moncton
506-383-6214 / nicole.melanson@moncton.ca