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Moncton taking part in the Smart Cities Challenge

February 14, 2018

MONCTON – How can ‘open data’ and ‘innovative solutions’ improve quality of life for citizens? How can big ideas take advantage of limitless technology to create a better community? These are the questions that Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge hopes to answer, and the City of Moncton is seeking residents’ input as it prepares its application. 

As part of this process, the City first held a stakeholder brainstorming session to learn more about potential actions. This feedback has now been adapted into the following six Challenge Statements: 

Smart Cities Challenge - Défi des villes intelligentes
Moncton will be a healthy, dynamic and sustainable community by developing an efficient, connective and inclusive transportation network. 

Moncton will be an engaged community, by creating an attractive, connected and vibrant downtown year-round.

Moncton will transform into a resilient eco-city by supporting clean, diverse and integrated energy-efficient systems to improve the quality of life of its citizens and future generations.

Moncton will be a city where education, innovation and entrepreneurship work together to prepare the workforce for local opportunities of the future. 

Moncton will be a city that cultivates business development, contributing to a self-sustaining local economy.

Moncton will be a city that has a transparent municipal government and empower its citizens to participate in decision-making through community engagement. 

It is now time for the public to weigh-in on these statements, by ranking them in order of priority, and submit their ideas for other possible options. Keep in mind that any new idea must be measurable, ambitious and achievable, and will use innovation and technology to develop solutions to benefit the community as a whole.  The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/intelliMoncton, and will only be available until noon on February 28.

“Our community is blessed with many creative minds, bold entrepreneurs, and highly engaged residents,” said Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold. “While choosing only one statement might be difficult, it is important to remember that each of these has far-reaching potential. When selected, I have full confidence that we can collaborate and become inspired to move that vision forward.”

By developing key partnerships within the institutional and private sectors, the City will tackle one of its biggest opportunities, all the while “leveraging some of the fundamental benefits […] connected technology has to offer”1, such as Openness, Integration, Transferability and Collaboration. 

Following this open consultative process, the City’s final application will be made public after the submission deadline of April 24th, 2018. If selected as a finalist, Moncton will earn an initial grant of $250,000 to move forward into the next phase, where a $10,000,000 grant will be given to the selected municipality (in Moncton’s category; municipalities with a population under 500,000 residents).


1 - Smart Cities Challenge Applicant Guide: https://impact.canada.ca/en/challenges/smart-cities/applicant-guide#approach 

Nicole O. Melanson
Communications, City of Moncton
506-383-6214 / Nicole.melanson@moncton.ca