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Snowstorm precautions

January 22, 2014
MONCTON – The City of Moncton wishes to advise the public that work crews are currently out applying a mixture of salt and sand on city roads. Due to the extreme cold, salt loses its effectiveness therefore there is the need to add sand for traction. The sand and salt mixture will be applied in primary intersections and other areas as required.  

With the current snowstorm and high winds, the City advises motorists to slow down and adjust your driving accordingly. Some roads may be slippery, especially near intersections, and visibility may be reduced. We also remind pedestrians to exercise extra caution when crossing a roadway.

Drivers should take simple precautions to keep safe during icy/snow conditions, such as by clearing windows of snow before driving and allowing more time to travel.

The City of Moncton appreciates your cooperation and also thanks its residents for respecting the following tips to make snow removal operations safer and more efficient:

  • Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for information and updates regarding snow removal operations.
  • Walk on sidewalks if possible. If this is not possible, walk on the side of the road, facing traffic. Wear reflective clothes at night.
  • Remember that driving out versus backing out of your driveway is easier and safer, particularly in the winter. 
  • Never push snow from your driveway or parking lot onto city streets, sidewalks, or around hydrants. 
  • If you think a snow plow will be passing shortly, wait until after it has passed to place your waste curb side or place your garbage far enough away from the end of your driveway so the plow does not bury or damage it as it passes. Please be patient as garbage collection may be delayed due to weather conditions. 

Winter Parking Ban
In accordance with the City of Moncton by-law T-310, it is not permitted to park a vehicle on any Moncton street from December 1st to April 15th, between midnight and 7 a.m. This measure is done on an annual basis to allow for adequate and safe snow clearing and ice control operations. 

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