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Sports Equipment left on City streets

April 30, 2013


MONCTON – The City of Moncton wishes to advise residents of its concern with regards to leaving sports equipment on, or over hanging onto, city streets.

When hockey nets, basketball nets, skateboard ramps, or any other type of sports equipment is left on the street, it presents a safety hazard for City workers, in particular during garbage collection and snow removal operations.

To address the issue, when the City is made aware of sports equipment left on the street, door hangers will be placed on all homes that are close to where the sports equipment was left. If the situation persists, the City will send enforcement staff with the same door hanger and explain directly to residents the City’s concerns.  If the City is able to identify who owns the sports equipment it will deal directly with them.

“We understand that kids will play ball hockey or basketball on some of our streets. However, we ask that when done, that the sports equipment be moved back onto your property,and off the street,” said Paul Thomson, Director of Corporate Communications with the City of Moncton.

If damages occur to any City of Moncton equipment due to sports equipment being left on, or over hanging onto any city street, the owner of the equipment will be held responsible for damages.

Although the City of Moncton doesn’t condone sports activities or playing on city streets, please remember that any such activities are taken at your own risk.  The City asks that residents exercise caution at all times.

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Media Contact:

Paul Thomson
Director, Corporate Communications
City of Moncton