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Turtle Creek Reservoir Level Down as New Reservoir Fills

September 20, 2013

MONCTON – Water level at the city’s Turtle Creek Reservoir is down about 10 feet from its maximum level primarily due to work at the Tower Road Dam site.
On August 16, the by-pass tunnel for the new dam was closed off to allow installation of the required by-pass piping within the tunnel. With dry weather and only a small maintenance flow by-passing the new dam, there is not much water flowing into the existing reservoir which is why its level has been dropping about 2 feet per week.
By October 1st the contractor will commence by-pass pumping that will increase flow into the existing reservoir and halt the decline. The permanent by-pass piping should be in operation by late October eliminating the pumping requirement.
While the Turtle Creek reservoir is not in a critical situation, the City of Moncton wishes to remind residents that water conservation is important, in order to avoid a shortage.

Water conservation tips can be found online at moncton.ca.


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