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Update on the former Moncton High School property and the Moncton Public Library

May 25, 2016

MONCTON – Over the past few months, there has been much discussion surrounding the future of the old Moncton High School (MHS) building and of the current Moncton Public Library. 

City Manager Jacques Dubé said again today that "The former MHS is an important heritage icon in our city. Moncton City Council is on record, along with the Province of New Brunswick, as wanting it saved and adapted to a new use for our community." 
“On April 5, 2016 City Council mandated the City Manager to assess the project concepts, via a joint municipal-provincial working group, that have been submitted to the Province and make a recommendation to Council supported by a sustainable business plan associated with each concept”, stated Dubé. "This was following receipt by the City of a complete conceptual plan for the building from MH35 late in January 2016. We would like to see this business case analysis completed by year-end so that the respective governing bodies can then make decisions and have the repurposed building opened in 2018." 
“We can report that we are and have been in discussion with various stakeholders, including the Province of Brunswick, the library board and staff, the library’s current landlord and the proponents of MH35 to establish the potential for the former high school building and a work plan to make it happen.”
Further, the City Manager stated "The Province of New Brunswick, as the owner of the heritage building, has made it clear to Moncton City Council that it expects the City to play a role in a new use for MHS. Though that exact function remains unclear at this time, it will be a decision of the incoming City Council."
“One option that has received considerable discussion thus far is the proposed move of the Moncton Public Library. We will be exploring that proposal from several perspectives: the impact on the library, the impact on our downtown, as well as the financial capital and operating costs and pros and cons of such a move.”
 "As part of the jointly prepared business plan, Moncton City Council needs to see how the Government of New Brunswick will contribute to saving this historic building that it owns. The City of Moncton is willing to engage in a process with the Province to work collaboratively towards evaluating all options despite challenging financial times for both parties." Jacques Dubé added.
"The City of Moncton believes a realistic plan, which will re-purpose the MHS building and that is in the best interests of the downtown, the community and the Province, can be brought forward. By working as partners with our residents and other stakeholders, the Province and the City will ensure this historic property will continue to be an icon in our community." 

"Once a viable business plan (or plans) to save the former MHS has been tentatively agreed to by City Council and the Government of New Brunswick, a formal public consultation process will be undertaken, as indicated by the Finance Minister, the Hon. Roger Melanson, in his budget speech earlier this year, to ensure there is public support for the proposed repurposing," concluded the City Manager.


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