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Updated application process for select municipal grants

June 5, 2017

MONCTON – Moncton City Council recently voted in favour of implementing a new process for evaluating select municipal grants to ensure that limited available funding is assigned to areas of priority for the community. Evaluation criteria and a scoring matrix have been developed; the applications forms have therefore been updated to allow organizations to show how their program or project aligns with the community’s needs. Organizations that meet the criteria and wish to submit a funding request must do so by July 12, 2017.

This exercise is Phase 2 in a long-term project begun in 2015, which aims to increase objectivity in the grant distribution process, improve the budget planning exercise, as well as facilitate budget deliberations. While there are several municipal grant categories, those affected by this year’s changes are the ongoing ‘core’ grants, the ‘multi-year’ grants and the ‘major’ (one-time) grants. 

“This year’s additions of evaluation criteria and a scoring matrix to the process further increase transparency in how municipal grant dollars are assigned to partner organizations, all the while keeping the focus on how the programs or projects submitted might improve overall quality of life for residents,” said Catherine Dallaire, General Manager of Parks, Leisure, Culture and Heritage for the City of Moncton. “These three grant categories (Core, Multi-Year, and Major) account for more than $5.3 million  in the delivery of services or programmes that the City of Moncton supports. As grants are largely funded by the taxpayers of Moncton, City Council expects accountability from the process to ensure best value for dollar.”

“The evaluation criteria establishes a standardized approach, and takes into account the following categories: City Priorities, Financial Analysis, Community Need Fulfilled, Innovation/Enhancement, and Partnerships/Collaborations,” explained Gregg Houser, Deputy Treasurer for the City of Moncton. “There are key Pass or Fail points, and an overall weighted score, similar to an RFP evaluation, that will help demonstrate the strengths of the proposals received.”

By definition, the ongoing core grants are those provided to organizations that manage activities that the City would otherwise be offering (ex. Ability Transit or SPCA). The multi-year grants support quality of life, economic development or cultural programmes as a long-term agreement, while the major grants are offered on a one-time only basis, for extraordinary circumstances. 

It should be noted that there will be no change in 2017 to the process for the Quality of Life, Social Inclusion and Cultural grants. The total value of these grants is over $323,700 , and the deadline to apply for funding remains December 15, 2017 for the 2018 operating year. However, groups applying for funding in these categories should be aware that the process is expected to change in Phase 3 of the Grant Process Review project, and will likely impact the 2018 application requirements and timelines. 

Organizations seeking more information on the municipal policies that detail each of these grant categories, or the application requirements and related forms, can visit Moncton.ca (under the Government tab), or send an email at grants@moncton.ca.


Nicole O. Melanson
Communications, City of Moncton
506-383-6214 /  nicole.melanson@moncton.ca