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Winter reminders

January 16, 2013

MONCTON – As the heavy snow season is now upon us, the City of Moncton would like to remind residents of a few important winter realities. 

Garbage Collection
Because of unpredictable nature of winter weather and snow accumulation, please adhere to the following tips on your waste collection day:

  • Place waste at the end of your driveway on the ground, not on top of snow banks. This makes it easier for the collectors, who for safety reasons, are directed not to climb snow banks. If you put your garbage on a snow bank, City collection crews will not pick it up.
  • If you think a snow plow will be passing shortly, wait until after it has passed to place your waste curb side or place your garbage far enough away from the end of your driveway so the plow does not bury or damage it as it passes.
  • If your waste was not picked up because of a storm, please remove it from the curb side and wait until your next waste collection day.

Please be patient as garbage collection may be delayed due to weather conditions.

Snow Removal
At the beginning of each snowstorm, trucks are dispatched to begin salting and plowing operations. As the snow accumulates, more plows are called out to provide additional capacity.
Crews strive to:

  • Plow all streets to their travelled width within eight hours of a storm’s end.
  • Keep streets shown on the Snow Routes map open at all times.

The City of Moncton removes and hauls away snow along priority routes.

The City of Moncton appreciates your cooperation and also thanks its residents for respecting the following tips to make snow removal operations safer and more efficient:

  • Check our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for information and updates regarding snow removal operations.
  • Keep children informed about winter road safety. Avoid digging tunnels near roads, or in snow banks, as cars and snow plows can come at any moment. Keep in mind that when snow banks are high, driver visibility is reduced. 
  • Walk on sidewalks if possible. If this is not possible, walk on the side of the road, facing traffic. Wear reflective clothes at night.
  • Never sled, coast, skate, ski or snowboard in the street or anywhere near traffic.
  • Never allow icicles, snow or ice to accumulate on roofs or eaves as they may become dangerous.
  • Never push snow from your driveway or parking lot onto city streets, sidewalks, or around hydrants.

Adopt a Hydrant or Storm Drain
Fire hydrants and storm drains need to be clear of snow to ensure the safety of all citizens and their property. As municipal resources are stretched during ice-or-snow storms, help yourself and your neighbours by clearing hydrants and storm drains on your street. Contact Public Works for more information: 859-2643.

Winter Parking Ban
In accordance with the City of Moncton by-law T-310, it is not permitted to park a vehicle on any Moncton street from December 1st to April 15th, between midnight and 7 a.m. This measure is done on an annual basis to allow for adequate and safe snow clearing and ice control operations.

On street parking meters may be temporarily out of use due to snow clearing.  If this is the case the City will identify these areas with temporary no parking signs.

The City would like to once again thank its citizens for their understanding and continued support in making our streets safer through the winter season.

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Corporate Communications
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