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Moncton125 - Let's celebrate!

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     April 23, 1890 – The City of Moncton is born!




Downing Street Legacy Project

A great street should be many things to many people. The Downing Street restoration, a legacy project in honour of Moncton’s 125th anniversary, is embracing four key themes: Downtown, Celebration, Art & Storytelling and Sustainability. What’s important to your urban experience?

Phase 1: August to November 2015

Here is some of the feedback received during public meetings held in winter of 2014... 


Downtown Centre-ville *Downing becomes a powerful focal point
*Eateries, pubs, shops; small-scale building fronts
*Pedestrian dominant street
*Extend lighting to highlight the river, and draw people in that direction
Events Événements *Create spaces that function for events all-day, all-year
*The corridor (City Hall to River) is created as a powerful gathering place
*Uncluttered sightlines to the river
*Concept of riverfront stage linked to historical pier, rising from the river into the performance zone
Storytelling Arts Récits *Public art is an expression of storytelling - Moncton's cultural and natural "collision"; use light and environmental assets to elevate the tidal bore to become public art
*Story; the texture of the river - can we "touch the mud"?
*Blending/stitching of communities and cultures; congregation
*Explore temporary art, element of surprise and keeps the space interesting
Sustainability Durabilité *User requirements: relaxed feeling, attractive for businesses, barrier-free, texture, visual divides, adaptable for seasons and activities
*Seating available for all users - in all conditions
*Amenity and utility = public art (ex. bike racks)
*Corridor appears to function as something much greater than a street


In this concept drawing, you would be standing at Assomption Blvd. looking towards City Hall (you might recognize the Medavie-Blue Cross building on the right). 

Downing Street concept de la rue Downing