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Moncton125 - Let's celebrate!

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     April 23, 1890 – The City of Moncton is born!




Downing Street Legacy Project

A great street should be many things to many people. The Downing Street restoration, 

photo rue Downing Street

a legacy project in honour of Moncton’s 125th anniversary, is embracing four key themes: Downtown, Celebration, Art & Storytelling and Sustainability. What’s important to your urban experience?

Phase 1 is now complete and open to traffic. It will also serve as a wonderful gathering space during special events. More info
The Downing Street design is founded on five planning principles as defined by residents during consultation:

1. Complete Street. Contemporary urban corridor design supports the notion of inclusive downtown street environments. Thus, shared and blended use of the street is encouraged by creating surfaces that work for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. In effect, the street functions as plaza and the plaza functions as street; the complete corridor.

carte rue Downing Street map

2. Connectivity. Downing Place serves as the clear link between City Hall/Main Street and the riverfront. This historic connection once supported waterfront related and reliant commercial activity. City evolution has seen a change from the riverfront uses; Downing Place re-establishes the historic corridor.

3. Destination. The plaza street is able to function as both connective corridor and urban destination. This notion of destination is expanded through the delivery of special events.

4. Catalyst. The Downing corridor is created as catalyst for this future development.

5. Beauty and Durability. Downing Place utilizes surface materials that are both attractive and strong. The surface paving units installed within the corridor are vehicle-grade, complete with a finish that will resist stains and sustain colour and texture for over 50 years. The street's base is formed from concrete and steel. This is the strongest street-grade plaza located east of Toronto.


Here is some of the feedback received during public meetings held in winter of 2014... 

Downtown Centre-ville *Downing becomes a powerful focal point
*Eateries, pubs, shops; small-scale building fronts
*Pedestrian dominant street
*Extend lighting to highlight the river, and draw people in that direction
Events Événements *Create spaces that function for events all-day, all-year
*The corridor (City Hall to River) is created as a powerful gathering place
*Uncluttered sightlines to the river
*Concept of riverfront stage linked to historical pier, rising from the river into the performance zone
Storytelling Arts Récits *Public art is an expression of storytelling - Moncton's cultural and natural "collision"; use light and environmental assets to elevate the tidal bore to become public art
*Story; the texture of the river - can we "touch the mud"?
*Blending/stitching of communities and cultures; congregation
*Explore temporary art, element of surprise and keeps the space interesting
Sustainability Durabilité *User requirements: relaxed feeling, attractive for businesses, barrier-free, texture, visual divides, adaptable for seasons and activities
*Seating available for all users - in all conditions
*Amenity and utility = public art (ex. bike racks)
*Corridor appears to function as something much greater than a street


In this concept drawing, you would be standing at Assomption Blvd. looking towards City Hall (you might recognize the Medavie-Blue Cross building on the right). 

Downing Street concept de la rue Downing