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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – Vision 2020

The City of Moncton’s Strategic Plan, Vision 2020 not only positions Moncton as a great place to live, work, play, and visit but is also our city’s roadmap for future success and growth.

The City of Moncton has identified strategic goals and key priorities to focus on to ensure the future growth and continued prosperity of our city. These strategic goals and key priorities were established, based on the City of Moncton’s mission, its vision and its corporate principles.

The City of Moncton Corporate Strategic Plan identifies the following vision, mission, principles and values and community themes by which the Corporation strives to operate:  

Corporate Vision

Moncton is a vibrant, dynamic and culturally rich community. We provide a balance of quality of life services for our citizens in a sustainable manner. We are recognized as a Canadian leader for:

  • Our success in service excellence and innovation
  • Our engaged, dedicated and proud workforce
  • Our commitment to both official languages
  • Our strength as a diverse community


Working together to make living in Moncton great.

Organizational Principles/Values

The daily activities of the organization are guided by the following organizational principles/values:

  • Sustainability: Making decisions that consider our environment, our economics, and our community. We want to leave our children and their children a better community.
  • Diversity: Promoting and encouraging diversity in language, culture, ethnicity and ability. We are Canada’s first bilingual city and provide bilingual services to our citizens. We are committed to working to make our corporation and our community more reflective of the Canadian mosaic.
    Engagement : Facilitating, encouraging and welcoming the contributions of our citizens in the growth and development of our city.
  • Creativity: Thinking and doing things differently. We are creative, innovative, we embrace new technologies and we foster a culture of continuous learning.
  • Accountability: Delivering quality services in the best interest of our citizens. We are fiscally responsible to our citizens, our employees and our community.
  • Professionalism: Empowering our workforce to be service-oriented. We aspire to be an employer of choice, and we value dedicated, loyal, skilled people who want to make a difference in their community.
  • Leadership: Being a positive influence in the growth and development of our region. We are conscious of our leadership role in the workplace, the community, our region and beyond, in developing and promoting best practices in municipal government.

Community Themes

A long term Sustainability Plan has been created to guide the City of Moncton to a more sustainable future, in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is about balancing the various needs of the community, which can be summarized in the Plan’s five main objectives:

  • Environment: To be a green community
    The environment is often described as the central pillar of sustainability; the economy exists within society and culture, and these three in turn exist in and are supported by the natural environment. A healthy environment is the foundation on which a sound economy and a healthy society depend. This objective includes addressing challenges related to energy, smart growth, water, transportation, materials, solid waste and natural ecosystems.
  • Social: To be a healthy community
    The health of our community is an important component of quality of life. Choices we make every day¬ –¬ what to eat, what we do in our free time, how we get to work, even where we choose (or have) to live – all of these influence the health and wellness of our community. This objective includes addressing challenges related to food security, recreation, healthy living, safety, accessibility and housing.
  • Culture: To be a vibrant community
    The vitality and quality of life in a community is closely related to the vitality and quality of its cultural engagement, expression, dialogue and celebration. The contribution of culture to building a vibrant community where people want to live, work and visit plays a major role in supporting social and economic health. This objective includes addressing challenges related to diversity, neighbourhoods, arts, culture and heritage.
  • Economy: To be a prosperous community
    A strong economy is an important component for a sustainable community. Access to a variety of education and employment opportunities help to support wealth creation, innovation, entrepreneurship and individual economic wellbeing. This objective includes addressing challenges related to economic growth, education, tools and incentives, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Governance: To be an engaged community
    Governance refers to the myriad of organizations, individuals and institutions – including government – that make decisions affecting others. Ensuring that decisions reflect the needs and wants of the community requires an engaged and active citizenry who want to help create and participate in solutions to challenges facing the community. This objective includes addressing challenges related to accountability, engagement, volunteers, youth, seniors and regional cooperation.

For more information regarding the Corporate Strategic Plan, contact the Strategic Initiatives department at 856-4309.



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