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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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Our Action Plan

Earlier this year, Moncton City Council participated in a strategic planning session to discuss priorities for the next four years. This session was key in helping Council to focus on our most significant issues, and shed light on what we must do to move Moncton forward. During our lively conversations, several key themes resonated loud and clear:

  • We need to cut the red tape!
  • We need to grow our economy!
  • We need more economy!

As Council begins its mandate, we are working closely with staff to go beyond these catch phrases and take real action. How are we going to do this?

This Strategic Plan is an important first step. It is our Action Plan. It lays out our priorities and charts our goals while staying true to our vision, mission and core values. This Plan is a living document that will be reviewed twice a year, allowing us to make needed modifications moving forward. During Council discussions, one issue kept resurfacing – the need to create long-term economic growth. This remains one of our key priorities.

We must continue to leverage our existing investments and collaborate with our diverse private sector partners to make smart investments in the future. We are a community of dynamic entrepreneurs and skilled workers – we must take every opportunity to tap into the talent we have right here.

Moncton has long been known as the “hub City”, mostly from a geographic perspective. However, evolving out of that initial hub are the“3 Ts” – transportation, technology and tourism. Enormous untapped opportunities exist in each of these “hubs” and we have the people, skill and ambition to make growth happen. From a transportation perspective, we
are a logistics and warehousing hub, our tech hub includes our reliable, enviable and connected fibre hub and our tourism hub includes a downtown that is part of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere, a river that is unique in the world, an award-winning zoo and a soon-to-be state-of-the-art Sports and Entertainment Centre.

As you will read in this document, we have set many more strategic priorities. They altogether support our goal of ensuring that all Monctonians continue to have the excellent quality of life they have come to expect in our City.

However, City Hall cannot do this alone. Moving Moncton forward requires a trusted partnership – a social contract between City Council and residents to work together in supporting economic growth.

With a solid Strategic Plan to guide us, Council is confident we can make great strides in growing our City in the next four years and beyond. We believe Moncton is on the cusp of great things and we are planning for a future that is bright.

Dawn Arnold


*For more information regarding the Corporate Strategic Plan, contact the Strategic Initiatives department at 856-4309.



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