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2010 Order of Moncton Recipients

“These most deserving inductees have demonstrated excellence and achievement and have made outstanding contributions to the social, cultural or economic well-being of Moncton and its residents,” said Mayor George LeBlanc. “They are  exceptional people who have made Moncton a better place in which to live.  It is very fitting that they should be among the first to receive our highest honour.” November 3, 2010

Ralph Wilson BlackRalph Wilson Black is known for his genuineness, his humility, dedication, integrity and sense of fair play.  A founding member of the Moncton Hospital foundation he has served on the boards of the YMCA, the Red Shield Appeal, NB Board of Nursing Assn. Moncton Community Living, the Alzheimers Association, Moncton Headstart and many other charities, unselfishly recognizing the need to help others. He works with the underprivileged in Moncton often behind the scenes. Many of his lifetime achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he is the recipient of nine community recognition awards including the Paul Harris Fellow Award and the Canada Volunteer Award. As a professional Chartered Accountant, he has served the municipality as auditor as well as  the Province of New Brunswick as Auditor General, providing guidance to ensure the growth and development of the City and Province.

Claudette BradshawClaudette Bradshaw is the voice and defender for the impoverished and underprivileged in our community. She has dedicated her life to serving those in need by founding Moncton Headstart and representing citizens as the Member of Parliament in Ottawa for many years. In her role as MP for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe (1997 to 2006) Claudette developed strong community networks and alliances across Canada. She served as Minister of Labour, Multi-culturalism, Status of Women, Literacy, and Minister responsible for Homelessness Initiatives in Canada. She is also an advocate for awareness of the dangers of fetal alcohol syndrome. Known nationally for the warmth of her trademark hugs, Claudette has made outstanding contributions to the social well being of our city and our residents and touches the hearts of all who she meets.

Soeur Auréa CormierSoeur Auréa Cormier has spent her life working to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Where others are discouraged, she perseveres, always positive and focussed on the goal she is trying to achieve. She is often the voice of those who are disadvantaged in society and uses whatever resources available to her to assist underprivileged people in the community. She was instrumental in the Marche Mondiale des femmes 2000 working towards equality between men and women. She was also involved with wage gap reduction initiatives, pushing the issue to the forefront in New Brunswick. Sister Auréa is best known, however, for her dedication and involvement in the Common Front for Social Justice, working with the poorest members of society on a daily basis.  She has organized numerous summits on poverty in New Brunswick and is a pioneer in the world of social service in Moncton.

Larry NelsonLarry Nelson is a selfless contributor to all aspects of life in our community and a person who epitomizes everything that is good about Moncton. Most recently he presided as President of the IAAF World Junior championships but he has always demonstrated through his many community involvements in such organizations as Rotary, the Moncton Hospital Foundation, the U de M Excellence campaign, the United Way, and many others, that he truly wants to make Moncton a better place in which to live. An exemplary citizen, businessman and philanthropist, Larry has embraced and supported the bicultural nature of Moncton with enthusiasm and understanding and is considered a very positive life force to all those who know and have worked with him.

The inductees to the Order of Moncton were awarded with an Order of Moncton medal, a pin and a certificate of honour in a ceremony at Moncton City Hall. A public reception followed the formal induction ceremony on December 2, 2010.