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2012 Order of Moncton Recipients

“Continuing a proud tradition, we arrive at our third year of inductees into the 2012 Order of Moncton with valued citizens who are successfully proving themselves with the highest standards of excellence in their fields and we deeply appreciate their ongoing efforts and all the positive recognition that they bring to our hub community.”
Mayor George LeBlanc (October 2, 2012) 

Ordre of Moncton_2012_Ordre de Moncton

From left to right: Deputy Mayor Merrill Henderson, inductees Ken MacLeod, Corinne Gallant and Marshall Button, Mayor George LeBlanc. (November 1, 2012)

Marshall ButtonMarshall Button is a household name for many Moncton citizens. He is best known and loved for his character Lucien, the opinionated North Shore mill-worker and New Brunswick’s Blue-Collar Philosopher. Since creating and performing Lucien for the first time in 1984, Mr. Button has written four plays for Lucien and has performed well over fifteen hundred shows for audiences all over North America. He has contributed to do countless commentary performances for CBC Radio and Television, including a guest appearance on Royal Canadian Air Farce. Being an ambassador for the City of Moncton, he has loaned his business expertise to various organizations and understands the value of community. As a renowned toast master, Mr. Button calls upon his hilarious sense of humor to liven up nearly every major event. 

Corinne GallantCorinne Gallant is a well-respected feminist in the community. At 90 years of age, Ms. Gallant continues to actively lobby for women’s rights and equality for all Acadians and visible minorities in New Brunswick. Her works have been publicized in newspapers and journals throughout the country. During her rewarding career as a philosopher at the l’Université de Moncton, she was an inspiration for many young women as her motivation was always to encourage youth to get involved and to try to make a difference. Ms. Gallant received the prestigious Order of Canada award in 1989 for her exceptional leadership abilities as an advocate and supporter of women and minority rights. Working with numerous local organizations and being a founding member of “Crossroads for women” she opened up a dialogue for abused women.

Ken McLeodKen MacLeod is a successful business man, philanthropist and leader in the not-for profit sector. Mr. MacLeod founded KMA Consultants, a firm specializing in fundraising and communications which serves local, regional, and national clients. As the President of New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, he is dedicated to instilling a love of music in youth and building the cultural vitality of the province. Due to his passion for arts and culture, Mr. MacLeod founded Sistema NB, an organization dedicated to inspire excellence among children and youth in Moncton through the performance of orchestral music. Bringing in high-level professional musicians from across Canada, Mr. MacLeod is enriching many lives by promoting discipline, cooperation, confidence and hope in children.

The inductees to the Order of Moncton receive an Order of Moncton medal, a pin and a certificate of honour in a ceremony at Moncton City Hall.