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2015 Order of Moncton recipients

"Inductees to the 2015 Order of Moncton have helped improve the lives of many over the years and they continue to do so to this day. Their indomitable community spirit and determination is so inspiring and we are thrilled to have them as leaders in our city. On behalf of all residents, we thank Audrey Lampert, George Wybouw and Raven Spanier for their many contributions and for truly embodying the spirit of the Order of Moncton by bringing distinction to our city in so many ways."

(Mayor George LeBlanc, October 23, 2015)

Order of Moncton 2015 inductees

Audrey Lampert

Over her 40 year career, Audrey Lampert has enriched the lives of thousands of people through her tireless efforts as a distinguished teacher and mentor, dedicated volunteer and human rights advocate. With such dedication and devotion to teaching and learning, she has mentored many students and helped numerous colleagues better their lives. 

Ms. Lampert  has motivated others and worked hard to build a better community by dedicating herself to such groups as the Greater Moncton Literacy Advisory Board, the University Women's Club of Moncton, the Dalhousie University Women's Association, the Moncton East Boys' and Girls' Club, the Coalition Against Abusive Relationships and the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. 

The Minister of Education appointed her to the first Provincial Board of Education where she continued her work to improve the educational experience for everyone. Her lifelong career of serving our community, protecting the vulnerable and instilling the need to be tolerant, respectful and welcoming to all people make her a wonderful role model and a well-deserved inductee to the Order of Moncton. 

Raven Spanier

A true visionary, Raven Spanier is an innovative risk taker dedicated to Moncton's continued success. Making Moncton his home for over 20 years, his architectural designs have helped reshape the city leaving a lasting impression for generations to come. His sense of community is apparent, creating spaces that enhance the social and cultural fabric of Moncton.

Mr. Spanier's passion for his community is renowned; from coaching minor sports and leading beaver scouts to chairing the Heritage Preservation Review Board and participating on many committees, boards and commissions.

A few of his achievements remarkably impacting the city include: Moncton City Hall, Atlantic Lottery Corporation Headquarters, Resurgo Place, Parc du Sommet, Codiac Transpo facility and the Ambulatory Care Unit at the Moncton Hospital. These are all testaments to his commitment to artistic and sustainable design with a focus on being environmentally responsible. 

The new Downtown Centre will be one of Mr. Spanier's most iconic designs; his vision for the community and his belief that Moncton's best years are yet to come materialize in his initial design. Raven Spanier has been one of Moncton's most imaginative and dedicated citizens and his dream to build a great community is worth honouring. 

George Wybouw

As a family man who has established his roots in Moncton, George Wybouw has had an impressive career as a Université de Moncton professor and as an innovative entrepreneur. He is a very proud Monctonian and a well-respected community leader who has helped the city flourish nationally, provincially and locally. He has positively affected the lives of many while undertaking countless projects and chairing numerous committees, currently the President of Lire et faire lire Acadie. 

He served as president of the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton area (MAGMA) and is the proud founder of Moncton's World Wine and Food Expo and the Mosaïq Multicultural Festival. Originally from Belgium, he has proven to be an example for the immigrant community and is truly an inspiration. He developed and integrated an international student recruitment program at U de M. As Dean of the Faculty of Administration and with his extensive knowledge of information technology, he helped foster links between students and the business community creating significant relationships benefitting the community as a whole. 

With his desire and drive to help his city shine, George Wybouw is undoubtedly a great ambassador for Moncton. 


The Order of Moncton recipients were awarded with an Order of Moncton medal, a pin and a certificate of honour at the formal induction ceremony, held at Moncton City Hall on November 17, 2015.