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Downtown Centre

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The prospect of a new multi-use sports and entertainment centre in downtown Moncton has been a centerpiece of civic discussions in Moncton for the last several years.  The focus on a multi-use sports and entertainment complex was also motivated by successful projects elsewhere in Canada in cities with similar characteristics to the Moncton market, including London, Kingston, Sault-Ste-Marie, Kelowna, Saint John and Halifax.  All have used their downtown arenas to anchor a thriving downtown city core.  


New documents

Deloitte RFP presentation

Project legal agreement presentation

Request for proposal

Project legal agreement - Downtown Centre

See why Mayor George LeBlanc thinks a downtown facility would also be a catalyst for downtown economic renewal and development in Moncton.

As we continue to work on the the business plan, we are also considering what other developments could be part of the downtown centre or as a complement to it.

Reports and Background

Timeline: Progress since 2009 and next steps

Moncton Coliseum Repurposing Assessment


Council Decision Points - Downtown Centre