iTour logoWelcome to the Moncton Heritage iTour. 

This iTour is designed to optimize your view of each historic site while maintaining the most efficient route possible. By following the directions, you should be positioned across the street from the sites you will be learning about on your iTour. The iTour should take approximately one hour to complete.

For more information on this feature, please e-mail Resurgo Place (home of the Moncton Museum and the Transportation Discovery Centre) or phone 506-856-4383.

Download the audio tour for use on an MP3 playback device, or see below to download individual site MP3s.

iTour Moncton
Introduction  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
1. Bank of Montreal  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
2. Humphrey Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
3. Higgins Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
4. Royal Bank Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour   Text 
5. Caledonia Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
6. Empire Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
7. Capitol Theatre  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
8. Victoria Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
9. RN Wyse Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
10. Subway Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
11. Flat Iron Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
12. Subway Structure  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
13. Former A. A. Tuttle Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
14. Minto Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
15. Albion Block  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
16. Transcript Building   Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
17. 14 Church Street  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
18. Salvation Army Citadel  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
19. Central United Church  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
20. First Baptist Church  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
21. St. George Anglican  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
22. Masonic Temple  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
23. Aliant Tower  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
24. St. Bernards Rectory  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
25. St. Bernards Church  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
26. Rand House  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
27. Times Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
28. Provincial Bank  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
29. McSweeney Building  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text
30. Jordi Bonet Mural  Video Tour  Audio Tour  Text